Alex Donegan

Alex’s yoga practice began as a mere curiosity – something to replace the usual routine. Soon enough, a previous life of competitive sports made way for introspection and fun on the mat. Awakened by the space and self-compassion ignited by yoga and meditation, Alex learned that a sound body and mind are just a few salutes away.

While living in Australia, Alex completed her 200 hour teacher training with John Ogilvie at Byron Yoga Centre. She became immersed in Purna yoga (meaning integrated or complete), which represents a holistic approach to yoga. After moving back home, Alex started spreading her energy and encouragement to students through strong sequences and creative flows. In each class, Alex strives to create a sense of ease while evoking courage and curiosity for students of all levels.

A teacher is one drop in the ocean, and each student is a ripple. Find your breath, choose your mindset, spread the smiles.

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Teaching Style:  My teaching reflects the energy in the room. Sometimes we flow more, sometimes we find more stillness. Either way, the breath is always our teacher and we practice cultivating our inner guides and inner wisdom.


Inspired By:  Can you believe one of my very first and favorite teachers was our very own Jessie Kates? (I’m sure you can.) She and our beautiful friend Hetta were my first yogi inspirations. To think I’m now a fellow teacher is still mind blowing for me. Follow your dreams, people!


Favorite Pose: Ohhhh this changes all the time, I’d say seasonally! Backbends and deep heart openers - specifically wheel - are pretty constant favorites.


Morning Ritual:  These days, with my little girl, mornings usually involve watching her wake up. Nothing better than her big baby stretches and little sleepy sounds. I try to stretch and breath with her - babies are pros at belly breathing, after all.


1st Yoga Experience:  I’m 95% certain my first class was with my mom when I was home on break from college. As per usual, Mama Sherry was a huge inspiration for me and Julia to begin our yoga journeys. :)


Favorite Food:  Anything from Great Sage. And Thai food.


Family:  I have the best family, truly. I don’t have any other words except I’m so lucky. My husband Is my best friend and our little baby girl is pure magic. We love our crazy pup and all laughs she brings us. And my mom, dad, sister, and brother couldn’t be better if I had chosen them myself (and maybe I did)!


Favorite Destination:  The mountains. Somewhere with lots of hiking and ideally a lake.


Why You Love Teaching:  I receive so much from the students. Even if I go into a class feeling a ungrounded and unworthy to teach in that given moment, I am immediately buoyed by their love and light. I teach intuitively, from the heart, and truly feel like everything that comes out of my mouth is really coming from each person in the room. I often feel more like a vessel for my students’ inner wisdom than the “teacher.” 


When you aren’t teaching you are:  Hanging out with my little family, ideally outside. Or studying acupuncture and Chinese medicine for my program at MUIH.

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