Self Care for the Workplace

Born out of a desire to help companies show their employees how much they are loved and valued, comes a self care experience crafted for those who work hard from 9-5 and don't often have the time to come to yoga after the work day is done. 

Our Be Well @Work Program is a fully customizable experience to serve you and your team.  You will be delighted by not only receiving some much needed self care at our beautiful studio, but by also receiving an inspiring education in how to take better care of yourselves at the office. 


Treat your team to some important time bonding out of the office together and learn how to make the  9-5 workday more productive and peaceful for everyone. 


Our Be Well @ Work Program is designed to teach you and your team how to incorporate simple and effective self care practices at your desk.  We will empower you and your team to take better care of not only your body, but your mind and spirit while at work.

Our program stems from the knowledge and science behind the mind body connection.  What happens in our physical body has a direct impact on our overall wellbeing.  If our body is stiff and tired, our mind will be as well as our mood.  So we will teach you how to better care for your body from the comfort of your desk, which will lead to an  improvement in your productivity, wellbeing and overall happiness at work.


 As self care experts we will introduce you and your team to the latest innovative self care practice of myofascial release.  A system that incorporates the use of simple tools to target and eliminate stuck tension and inflammation in the body from a day of sitting, standing or manual labor. You let us know what a day at the office is like for your team.  So if they sit all day, or spend the day on their feet doing physical work, we will customize a program to best support them throughout their workday. 

From there you can add on other self care practices like acupuncture and mindfulness and meditation to make it a whole half day of much needed self care for you and the whole team.  During your retreat at our studio you will receive an inspiring education on the importance of  keeping your body renewed and hydrated during the work day. 


Studies have shown that sitting for as little as 20 minutes can lead to tension in the body.  This tension causes an increase in inflammation.  When the body is inflamed it effects the minds ability to function properly and can have drastic effects on your mood.  Together you and your team will indulge in a delicious myofascial release class where you will not only enjoy removing this build up of tension from your body, but you will learn how to do the release techniques at your desk to keep your body supple throughout your work day.  We all know how stiff we feel after a long stressful day sitting at our desk.  All participants will receive their own set of myofascial release tools to keep at their desk along with a manual of  how to use them.  It will be like having your own private massage therapist on call at your desk everyday.

Learn how to wipe away tension and reduce stress from the comfort of your desk and care for your body, mind and spirit from 9-5

Packages start at $50 per person for 10 or more

Minimum of $500 for groups of 10 or less

Base package includes 2 hour myofascial release education and experience

Retreats are hosted at our studio during the week beginning at 12:30pm


Manage your energy, maximize your effort

Let's face it, our jobs cause us a lot of stress.  From dealing with deadlines and expectations, to managing work flow, office personalities and projects, it takes its toll on our spirit when the day is done.


During our half day self care retreat together, you can add on community acupuncture for the team.  Not only will everyone enjoy an acupuncture treatment together while you are here, but we will also teach you how to use acupuncture seeds daily at your desk to help you balance your inner energy during a stress filled day. 


This will allow you to confidently and peacefully get more done without all the added stress on your own soul.  Each participant will take home their own pack of ear seeds along with a manual explaining the simple process to apply daily.

Additional $40 per person for groups of 10 or more, minimum $400 for 10 or less

*Adds additional 1.5 hours to your retreat

Mindfulness & Meditation

Calm the mind, unleash your creativity

Studies have shown that as little as 5 minutes of practicing meditation can help us reduce stress and lower cortisol levels in the body.  Making us more calm in the face of stress. This makes meditation a powerful tool for the workday as it is often filled with stress as we all know.


A recent study showed that over 50% of Americans desire to learn to meditate.  Yet most of us don't start because we don't have the time.  We will teach you just how easy and approachable meditation is and give you the tools to incorporate it into your life.  You can add an Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness session to your

Be Well @ Work Program

Additional $15 per person for groups of 10 or more, minimum of $150 for 10 or less

*Adds an additional hour to your retreat

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