Balance Your Energy

Here at SHIFT our lives have been deeply impacted by the practice of Acupuncture.  This divine Energy Medicine is the highest form of holistic healing and we are honored to make it not only accessible, but affordable.  

Our Community Acupuncture Gatherings are a transformative experience and just what we need to balance our energy and tap into a deeper state of peace.

Combining the healing art of acupuncture with guided meditation sets the stage for the ultimate self care experience.



Our community acupuncture experience is like no other - a simple and powerful treatment that everyone receives together, allowing energies to build upon one another. This creates an even more blissful outcome for the whole entire Collective!!


While Hannah delivers the treatment, we relax together lying down and Jessie leads us through a grounding, guided meditation. Once everyone has been treated we will indulge in SavansanAhhh with our signature weighted blankets and heated eye pillows for 20 minutes.

Here is a look at the 5 ear points everyone receives

1. Stomach to calm & soothe the nervous system

2. Heart to release anxiety and calm the heart

3. Kidney to improve sleep

4. Liver to detoxify and settle frustration

5. Lung to strengthen our breath and help with letting go

This experience is for anyone and no prior acupuncture experience is necessary.  This is great idea for anyone curious about acupuncture.


Come get some much needed rest and self care.

Offered once per month for only $20

Event sells out every month. 

Advanced Sign up Required

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