Crystal Wissinger

Crystal began her journey with yoga some 11 years ago after a traumatic knee injury during her 2-year stent as a collegiate athlete. Crystal quickly discovered that yoga served to balance her athletic passion, creativity, and her curiosity into a deeper understanding of self. Living well become the primary goal in Crystal’s life, and as a result she went on to become a Master’s Level Behavior Therapist and a yoga teacher in the Hatha Yoga style.

Crystal teaches a dynamic series of sequenced postures that lovingly meld together to promote vitality, awareness, embodiment, and connection to breath. Along with her additional study in yoga therapeutics and yin yoga for adult bodies, Crystal has also had the opportunity to move her work beyond the walls of traditional yoga studios by bringing yoga to children in camps, to children with developmental disabilities and learning delays, and to local universities as recovery for competitive collegiate athletic teams.


In her classes Crystal invites her students to use the heat that naturally radiates from the body’s movement to open up tight joints and reduce stress stores in the body and mind. Crystal’s unique and authentic love for each of her students is intimately woven into each of her classes to support each student’s independent yogic journey both on and off the mat.


Crystal invites you to dig deeper into your time and experience on the mat and ask the essential question: what is wellness for me? After all, if you can imagine what wellness looks like for you, the peace that living well brings is all but yours.

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Teaching Style: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin


Inspired By: I am inspired by life, energy, and nature (especially the ocean), and I find I bring those elements into my classes often.  I was taught to be a yoga teacher in 2011 at Blue Heron Wellness where I had the honor of being taught by a large variety of teachers who specialized in many forms of yoga, from Anusara to Ashtanga to Kundalini and everything in between.  So my style is really a combination of my favorite aspects in each style!


Favorite Pose: Child’s Pose


Morning Ritual: Every morning I wake up, and doing a 10 minute morning meditation before I get out of bed.  Then I go on to do my morning self care routine - I wash my face, brush my teeth, take time to put lotion my face and roll it out with a rose quartz roller.  Then, if the kids are not awake I get to move my body on my mat….but if they are I find time later to meet my mat!


1st Yoga Experience: I hated it!  I couldn’t sit still to save my life, and I didn’t think it was a good  “work out”. I was a college soccer player with two blown out knees and on the verge of having major surgery in both.  I was told yoga would help “heal” my knees and I thought it was total bullshit!  And yet, here I am 14 years later running marathons and can honestly say that yoga healed me not just in body, but in mind and soul.


Favorite Food: I love roasted Brussel sprouts….I can’t get enough!!!


Family: I live at home with my husband of almost 12 years, my two children, two fur-babies, 2 fish, and enough plants to fill up my own greenhouse!


Favorite Destination: I lived abroad during college in Italy and had the opportunity to travel all over the continent of Europe, but my favorite places to visit are the Caribbean islands.


Why You Love Teaching: Teaching for me is a yoga practice in itself.  I receive the same benefits of yoga when I teach as I do when I am practicing on my mat.  Teaching brings color to my life and is a coveted reminder for me to always stay humble and authentic.  Working as a Behavior Therapist and business owner during the day is extremely taxing at times, and teaching my yoga classes is the way I refill my cup.  My students will never know the full extent of what they do to support me each time they step on the mat with me, and I am truly grateful for this blessing.  At the end of class I always invite my students to offer gratitude for something personal to them, and at that moment, in every class I offer my sincerest gratitude to my students for the gifts they’ve unknowingly given to me.


When you aren’t teaching you are: Reading, running, or  snuggling my babies.

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