Felicia Ho

Born and raised in the USA, Ho grew up in a bilingual and bicultural Chinese American household. She attended Chinese School, learned Chinese Traditional Folk Dance, studied Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu, and learned to play the traditional Chinese Zither in her formative years.
Double majoring in East Asian Languages and English/Pre Med at Bryn Mawr College, she turned down an admission to medical college, to pursue her passion for Asian studies.  It was also during her graduate school years when Ho first encountered the healing and regenerative abilities of Taichi, when she developed an ulcer at 24 and utilized the internal arts and herbal medicine to heal.


At 39 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Choosing to combine Western and alternative medical treatments, Ho survived and thrived through multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation along with the supportive healing of Qigong, Taichi, Nei Gong, meditation, acupuncture, yoga, and Chinese herbal medicine.

Ho utilized the message of cancer, and her unique background with Asian healing arts and the modern principles of healing as an opportunity to radically change her life and to redefine her life purpose. Teaching qigong presents a perfect amalgamation of Dr. Ho's background, interests, and life passion in supporting the human journey towards greater physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness...

Because of her unique bi-cultural background, Ho's qigong classes are a thoughtful fusion of Chinese and American teaching models...

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Teaching Style: Connecting, Compassionate, Silly, & Passionate 


Inspired By: Spiritual Transformations, Acts of Love & Kindness, Humor and Humility


Favorite Form: Swimming Dragon


Favorite Posture: Wuji (the pose literally translates to "absolute nothingness."  I call it a state like sleep where the mind no longer "bosses" the body around and simply becomes an observer.


Morning Ritual: 3 minutes of gratitude, 3 minutes of prayer, 3 minutes visualizing how I want my day to go.  I pair this (sometimes at the same time) with invigorating bouncing on my rebounder for about 6-8 minutes.  It totally gets my body un-sluggish and uplifts my emotions.  Ideally, I finish with a delicious nourishing cup of warm water!


1st Internal Art Experience: Watching Kung Fu movies as a kid and learning Kung Fu at 13.


Favorite Food: Sushi and juicing.... and fasting on spring water and qi!!!!


Family: My husband, my son, and my dog Obie :)


Favorite Destination: Virgin Island - parts of the land and ocean were so pure and untainted by pollution and human encroachment


Why You Love Teaching: I love getting to share a path back to feeling deliciously present in the body again.  In qigong, we learn tools for transformation and open meridians throughout the body, so that we can feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Most importantly, we get to play, make mistakes, support each other, and laugh together!


When you aren’t teaching you are: spending precious time with my family and God, practicing qigong in nature, doing something creative--cooking, art, reading, or writing.  

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