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mindfulness journey MD

The Art of Living

A 4 week Mindfulness Journey

Life is rich, but moves so fast it can be hard to tap into that richness on a daily basis.

Life is filled with joy and abundance, but we are conditioned to focus on our suffering so it's hard for us to wake up and see the joy that is right before our very eyes.

Join Jessie Kates, a certified teacher of Mindfulness, trained by the one and only Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield, in a powerful 4 week journey of growth and discovery.  

This training will flow through the foundations of Mindfulness as a practice you can bring into every moment of your life and give you valuable tools to awaken more deeply.

Week 1: The Art of Living: An Introduction to the Mindful Path

Week 2: The Bedrock of Mindfulness - The Body

Week 3: Thoughts & Emotions - A Beginning of Understanding

Week 4: Integration - Living a Mindful Life

Next Session November 2020

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