Jessie Kates

Our proud, passionate and insanely inspiring owner.

A rare breed of teacher, there is no one else around quite like Jessie. She provides students with an extraordinary and rare opportunity to unearth powerful life lessons and each class is a deep physical, emotional and spiritual journey. 


Jessie doesn't hold back.  She is eloquent, edgy, and offers a fresh new perspective to the current landscape of yoga.  She sees things differently, presents them differently, and is leading hundreds of students each week to new dimensions of growth and freedom in their personal lives.

Jessie has an inspiring way of looking past teaching just the execution of yoga poses and encourages her students to dig deeper into their experience on the mat with her.  She has a powerful way of using a yoga class as a vehicle to help teach students about themselves and life through the lens of yoga.  Ultimately her mission is to bring the practice of Mindfulness to as many students as she can.  


She uses her weekly yoga classes as an opportunity to present life changing messages and her classes are an inspiring and deeply introspective journey towards tenderness, self compassion, awareness, acceptance and love.  Week after week her passion and insight guides her students towards a profound inner awakening.

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Teaching Style: Spiritual ,with a heaping dose of love and encouragement

Inspired By: Nature and everyone's potential to awaken

Favorite Pose:   Oh, that's easy...SavasanAhhh

Morning Ritual: I've become an early riser over the years,  I start my day with a spritz of rose water on my face to wake me up, I then head to the kitchen to make a cup of warm water with a squeeze of lime.  Warm water in hand I take our dog Ace out for a morning walk.  After our casual walk, I strap on my heart rate monitor and my tennis shoes, slip on some earphones and crank my favorite jams and head back out solo.  You'd never guess, but I am addicted to power walking, it's my thing and I can't explain it.  It has become the perfect way for me to clear the mind, enliven the body and set the vibe for the day.  A quick shower and then meditation...all before the rest of the world wakes up!!

1st Yoga Experience:  I am pretty sure it was college.  I studied theatre at Towson and I had vivid memories of doing these weird, flowy movements every morning in my voice class.  I had no idea at the time it was yoga.  Years later during my yoga certification I was having this weird deja vu while we were learning to cue sun salutations.  I reached out to my voice teacher and asked him about it and turns out he was a college acting professor by day and yoga teacher by night and he was using sun A as our vocal warm up.   

Birthday: June 9th, total gemini

Favorite Food:  Did someone say tacos?

At home with: My supportive husband Zach (going on 20 years now), our beautiful daughter Addison and the best snuggle partner in the entire world, our dog Ace.

Favorite Destination: Anywhere with mountains and peace and quiet.

Why I love Teaching:  The soul to soul, meaningful connection with another human being.  It totally fills my heart with so much joy and inspiration.