Julia Leikin

Jules is an avid student of the power of energy work and mindfulness in healing. She loves teaching yoga and practices Rei Ki-based energy therapy, working every day to help others (and herself!) discover and love their true Self.

She is a proud small business owner of a sustainable and ethically minded small business called Jimbo & Jules.

She creates high quality mind and body wellness products infused with essential oils and full spectrum CBD.

You can find her amazing products for sale on the wellness wall at SHIFT.  

For more check out her website

She is passionate about helping other achieve their highest state of wellbeing on and off the mat.

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Teaching Style:  Great question.. most of the classes I teach are slow vinyasa or yin; all of my classes are focused on slowing down to get in touch with your body and find ways to feel good in it :)


Inspired By:  Honestly, all of the wonderful teachers (yoga, meditation, Reiki, or otherwise) I’ve studied under or practiced with! I try to take little pieces of wisdom everywhere I go.


Favorite Pose: Goddess warrior & half moon! Love that powerful feminine energy 😍


Morning Ritual: …as slow as possible, please! Bask in bed in the morning light for a while, get outside for some gentle stretching with a nice hot drink


1st Yoga Experience: When I was a toddler! My mom would do those old Master’s yoga tapes at home, and I would downward dog alongside her


Favorite Food: Preposterous question - I love food too much to choose! But, I’ll go with ramen (real ramen, not the instant packets!)


Family: My wonderful parents Sherry & Jeff live around the corner from Shift in Laurel. My big sister Alex is also a Shift teacher, and we’ve got one brother in between us named Kevin.


Favorite Destination: Cape Town, South Africa


Why You Love Teaching: I love connecting with my students and showing them new ways to listen to & love on their bodies and ease their stressed minds. Helping people feel good truly feeds my soul!


When you aren’t teaching you are: Outside! Whether I’m working on running my small wellness business, hiking, teaching or practicing yoga, relaxing, eating, snuggling some kind of animal, or making pottery - if I can do it outside, I’m extra happy! 

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