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200 Hour
Yoga Teacher Training

Learn how to teach yoga from the heart by our owner, sought after teacher of teachers, Jessie Kates.  Jessie has been leading teacher training in Maryland for many years and has lovingly guided over 100 yoga teachers on their journey of self discovery, awakening and growth Our 200 hour program dives deep into the heart of yoga and will provide you with extraordinary life tools to awaken your heart and inspire others to move through yoga and life more mindfully.

Jessie is a leader in our community for teacher training because she teaches the curriculum unlike any other school in town. 


Her approach is a breath of fresh air and gives graduates tools that far exceed just the ability to cue yoga classes.  She teaches life through the lens of yoga and is passionate about reconnecting students and teachers with yoga's real purpose and meaning.   


Yoga isn't just about warrior 2's and downward facing dogs.  It is a rich path with meditation and spirituality at its core. Jessie brings yoga true essence back to life and helps students awaken a zest for the path of yoga in their life off of the mat.


Our YTT program is a life changing journey that many have said felt more like a life empowerment journey than a yoga training.  Our training is deep and is for those ready to transform and live more embodied, mindful life.


Runs one long weekend per month until December


Fridays: 5:00-9:00pm

Saturdays & Sundays: 12:00pm-8:00pm

May 7,8,9

June 11,12,13

July 9,10,11

August 13,14,15

September 10,11,12

October 8,9,10

November 12,13,14

December 10,11

Due to covid and social distancing guidelines we will be limiting this years training to 8 students so we can safely gather indoors during the colder months. 


We are committed to using our privilege to uplift and support those who have been historically ignored in the yoga/wellness industry.  So we are reserving 4 of these spaces for BIPOC, LQBTQ+ and others.

We desire for our yoga teaching community to be more diverse and urge members of the community who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and other groups who have been marginalized by the yoga industry to consider partaking in this life changing journey with us.


  We need your voices now more than ever before.  Please join us and help us make a shift in our studio and beyond to celebrate and bring a sense of belonging for those who have been ignored for too long.


 If you are seriously considering embarking on this life changing journey, it is highly recommended that you come and take some classes with Jessie to ensure you alight with her teaching style and energy.

We offer both partial (50%) and full scholarship options available and all are welcome and encouraged to apply.


Tuition $3,000

payment plans available


Email Jessie with questions or to be added to the interest list

We Offer LGBTQ+ and BIPOC Scholarships! Get in touch for more information.