Megan Corey

We are always so inspired by Megan.  A hard working self starter, she has turned her passion for health, wellness and yoga into her life's work.  Megan is a certified integrative health coach, wellness expert, author and speaker.  She brings immense enthusiasm and grace to helping others transform their lives everyday both on the yoga mat and off.  

Megan loves working with people and her vibrancy shines the moment you meet her.  She is a beloved graduate of our 200 hour teacher training program here at SHIFT.  One of Megan's favorite aspects of yoga is the gift of being able to work with the mind.  She loves helping others discover and create meaningful mind set shifts to unlock true freedom, peace and wellbeing

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Teaching Style: I love digging into the mind while moving through challenging poses that help to overcome fear and doubt. Feeling each pose through the breath and allowing yourself to sink deeper and deeper into your own world.


Inspired By: The one and only Jessie Kates


Favorite Pose: high lunge

Morning Ritual: Meditate, coffee, read, exercise


1st Yoga Experience: At a gym in Annapolis as a young adult. It was the first time I allowed myself the space to stretch and chill in a yoga class instead of just go to the gym to do cardio and weights. The teacher resonated with me and I appreciated the ability to dig into my mind as well as my body.


Birthday: May 31

Favorite Food: Coconut shrimp curry

At home with: My husband and two sons, 5 and 7


Favorite Destination: Hawaii


Why I love Teaching: Yoga has had such an impact on my life, both physically and mentally. I tell anyone who listens that they need to try it for this reason. I wanted to teach people this instead of just tell. I want to help people transform their lives with yoga and bring something to their life they may never had experienced before.

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