Passion, Authenticity, Connection

There is one thing we know for sure.  Deep down all we really desire is to love and be loved.  Meaningful connection can melt away stress and make us feel a part of something bigger than ourselves.  At SHIFT we put this before everything else.  At the end of the day, our most important mission is to make you feel loved and valued.  

So we don't just have any tribe of teachers.  

We have a hand selected group of passionate individuals who are inspiring and real.  

All of our teachers are here because of their amazing open hearts.  

Their training is extensive, their knowledge is vast, their classes are delicious, but most importantly their hearts are wide open and this is why we love our teachers and are proud to have them share their tremendous light here at SHIFT.

Crystal Wissinger

We love Crystal because she makes us feel so at home whenever we are in the studio.  There aren't many teachers out there that put as much preparation and wisdom into their classes each week as her.  We love snuggling up on our mat when she is teaching.

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Alex Donegan

We love Alex because of her holistic viewpoint on yoga.  She is insightful and wise.  A student of Acupuncture School she brings a profound wisdom of energy to the practice of yoga.  She is about as graceful and loving as they come and her classes evoke a deep sense of ease and curiosity.

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Jessie Kates

Our proud, passionate and insanely inspiring owner.

A rare breed of teacher, there is no one else around quite like Jessie. She provides students with an extraordinary and rare opportunity to unearth powerful life lessons and each class is a deep physical, emotional and spiritual journey.  Jessie doesn't hold back.  She is eloquent, edgy, and offers a fresh new perspective to the current landscape of yoga.  She sees things differently, presents them differently, and is leading hundreds of students each week to new dimensions of growth and freedom in their personal lives.

Jessie has an inspiring way of looking past teaching just the execution of yoga poses and encourages her students to dig deeper into their experience on the mat with her.  She has a powerful way of using a yoga class as a vehicle to help teach students about themselves and life through the lens of yoga.  Ultimately her mission is to bring the practice of Mindfulness to as many students as she can.  She uses her weekly yoga classes as an opportunity to present life changing messages and her classes are an inspiring and deeply introspective journey towards tenderness, self compassion, awareness, acceptance and love.  Week after week her passion and insight guides her students towards a profound inner awakening.

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Julia Leikin

We love Julia because she is so humble and down to earth.  She is about one of the sweetest souls we know.  She has a lightness about her that just melts away tension and she exudes joy and warmth.  When she isn't on the mat you can catch her hard at work making amazing homemade aromatherapy creations for her natural body care company.

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Cierra Slade

Cierra has such a gentle way about her.  She is calm and grounded and she brings that presence to the mat when she teaches.

She has a curiosity for the path of yoga and is a self proclaimed healing enthusiast.  She loves learning everything she can so that she can be an inspiration to students and help them find grounded peace in the lives.

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Sean Buchholz

Sean is a master of words, it must be the musician in him.  He is so poetic in class, explaining postures in a way that no one has ever explained them to us before.  His way with words really gets us deeply connected to our bodies in the moment and that is one of the things we love most about him

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Natalie Dodson

We love Natalie for the amazing way she takes on a journey deep within ourselves on the mat.  Our resident songbird, her voice has a profound ability to help melt away tension from our bodies.  We joke with her that she drugs us with her voice each week in our Sunday Night Surrender class.

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Felicia Ho

We love Felicia for how pure and genuine she is.  She is so passionate about Qigong that it is infectious.  She comes to class each week so open and ready to connect. We love how dedicated she is to the practice and the way she cares for each of us in class with such gentleness.

Nancy Kochuk

Our beloved Nancy just makes us feel so loved and cared for.  She is the only teacher we know that asks politely in class with a heart felt "please" when she is guiding us.  She is so real and approachable, welcoming and thoughtful.  Her classes evoke a sense of play and lightness

Kelly Felix

To say Kelly cares is an understatement.  She wraps everyone up in love the second they walk through the door.  Her heart is is so open and her passion for yoga is so inspiring.

We love the way she makes us feel and appreciate her gentle strength and wisdom.

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Bethany Chekan

There is something so comforting about Bethany that just draws us in.  Her spirit is so vibrant and her authenticity is magical.  She shares deeply and from the heart in a way that inspires and unites  us all.  She walks confidently in her truth every day and lovingly teaches us to do the same.

She is an artist and a mean cook and a mom to the most darling twins you will ever meet

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