Passion, Authenticity, Connection

There is one thing we know for sure.  Deep down all we really desire is to love and be loved.


 Meaningful connection can melt away stress and make us feel a part of something bigger than ourselves.  At SHIFT we put this before everything else.  At the end of the day, our most important mission is to make you feel loved and valued.  

So we don't just have any group of teachers.  We have a hand selected group of passionate individuals who are inspiring and real and we consider family. 

We feel the role of the teacher is not to correct you in yoga poses, but to connect with you soul to soul and make you feel loved, seen and heard. That is the focus of our teaching here.

All of our teachers are here because of their amazing open hearts.  

Their yoga training is extensive, their knowledge is vast, their classes are delicious, but most importantly their hearts are wide open and this is why we love our teachers and are proud to have them share their tremendous light here at SHIFT.

Beth Safeer

Beth brings a light, infectious zest for connecting.  She is deeply warm, energetic and filled with joy and laughter.  She enjoys sharing the practice with our SHIFT family and is committed to her own practice and you can find her next to you in many classes.

Beth Safeer

Beth brings a light, infectious zest for connecting.  She is deeply warm, energetic and filled with joy and laughter.  She enjoys sharing the practice with our SHIFT family and is committed to her own practice and you can find her next to you in many classes.


Bethany Chekan

 She promotes an authentic, non judgmental space filled with immense compassion.  She weaves through thought-provoking meditative messaging that empowers students with wisdom to use in their everyday lives.


Cierra’s classes offer a warm welcoming space to become present and explore interconnectedness of breath, body and mind.

Cierra is known for her authentic, non-judgmental teaching style and passion-filled enthusiasm for yoga. Her classes are gentle and introspective, while focusing on postural alignment & asana execution that is organic to each students body.

Her principle intention is to share the practice in a way that is available to all: to meet people where they are, as they are.

Cierra Slade


Felicia Ho

Felicia Fam

At 39 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Choosing to combine Western and alternative medical treatments, Ho survived and thrived through multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation along with the supportive healing of Qigong, Taichi, Nei Gong, meditation, acupuncture, yoga, and Chinese herbal medicine.

She utilized the message of cancer, and her unique background with Asian healing arts and the modern principles of healing as an opportunity to radically change her life and to redefine her life purpose. Teaching qigong presents a perfect amalgamation of Dr. Ho's background, interests, and life passion in supporting the human journey towards greater physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness...

Our proud, passionate and insanely inspiring owner.

A rare breed of teacher, there is no one else around quite like Jessie. She provides students with an extraordinary and rare opportunity to unearth powerful life lessons and each class is a deep physical, emotional and spiritual journey. 

Jessie has an inspiring way of looking past teaching just the execution of yoga poses and encourages her students to dig deeper into their experience on the mat with her.  She has a powerful way of using a yoga class as a vehicle to help teach students about themselves and life through the lens of yoga.  Ultimately her mission is to bring the practice of Mindfulness to as many students as she can.  


She uses her weekly yoga classes as an opportunity to present life changing messages and her classes are an inspiring and deeply introspective journey towards tenderness, self compassion, awareness, acceptance and love.  Week after week her passion and insight guides her students towards a profound inner awakening.

Jessie Kates


Julia Leikin

Jules is an avid student of the power of energy work and mindfulness in healing. She loves teaching yoga and practices Rei Ki-based energy therapy, working every day to help others (and herself!) discover and love their true Self.

She is a proud small business owner of a sustainable and ethically minded small business called Jimbo & Jules.

She creates high quality mind and body wellness products infused with essential oils and full spectrum CBD.

You can find her amazing products for sale on the wellness wall at SHIFT.  

For more check out her website

She is passionate about helping other achieve their highest state of wellbeing on and off the mat.


Kelly is a lover of all things yoga, she is deeply invested in the path and has enjoyed digging in and being a life long student.  Kelly has recently completed her 500 Hour yoga certification and is dedicated to sharing her wisdom with the community.

She has always had a passion for health and wellness and is a long time athlete, Most days you can catch her on a trail or enjoying a bike ride.

She has found a passion sharing these gifts with others and is committed to giving back.

Together with her life long best friend Kelly has created a business that gives back to the community and offers event, classes and camps for kids and families to connect Sole2Soul

Check our more about her business here

Kelly Felix


Lisa Rados

Leading with the breath, Lisa guides us through a practice filled with inquiry. Given time to simply be and explore sensations in each pose, the mind has time to settle and discover something deeper within. Attention to both effort and ease helps to bring full awareness of our entire being—mind, body, and spirit.

Lisa believes in yoga as a life practice, one that helps us both physically and mentally to move through life with a greater sense of ease and peace.


We are always so inspired by Megan.  A hard working self starter, she has turned her passion for health, wellness and yoga into her life's work.  Megan is a certified integrative health coach, wellness expert, author and speaker.  She brings immense enthusiasm and grace to helping others transform their lives everyday both on the yoga mat and off.  

Megan loves working with people and her vibrancy shines the moment you meet her.  She is a beloved graduate of our 200 hour teacher training program here at SHIFT.  One of Megan's favorite aspects of yoga is the gift of being able to work with the mind.  She loves helping others discover and create meaningful mind set shifts to unlock true freedom, peace and wellbeing

Megan Corey


Nancy Kochuk

She brings such positivity to each and every class.  In addition to teaching breath-focused yoga classes, she serves as the volunteer coordinator for the Prison Yoga Project of Maryland.  They work with justice system administrators to bring yoga into area correctional facilities and also teaching trauma-sensitive yoga classes for men and for women.


She is a member of the Board of Directors for the fledging Retreat Center of Maryland.


Our Beloved Support Teachers


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