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Discover the 5 Amazing Benefits of Yoga Stretching

Have you seen pictures or videos of yogis stretching in almost impossible positions and wondered if you were truly capable of such exercises?

These poses, known as Asanas, are the traditional positions in yoga, and offer great benefits for the mind, body, and soul. Stretching your torso and maintaining the poses for long spells tests your discipline, physical and mental strength, and helps you master some important meditation and breathing techniques. Here are some amazing benefits of yoga stretching you probably didn’t know about.

Better flexibility

As you age, you may lose much of your flexibility due to joint pains and aches. This is also the case if you've suffered certain injuries to body parts like your hip, knees, neck, muscles and elbows. What better way to restore the full range of motion to these body parts than to engage in yoga stretching exercises?

Yoga strains your muscles and joints to its limits and boosts the production of certain body chemicals that lubricate the muscles to keep them strong and flexible. As a result, you'll have better flexibility and reduced risk of injury as the joints are strengthened.

Improved mood and sleep patterns

After a yoga session, you may feel increased physical and mental energy, enthusiasm, alertness and altogether positive feelings. With your mood improved, you can go about your daily activities rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to take on the world.

Such great mental wellbeing also reflects in your sleeping habits and patterns. Research has shown that steady yoga stretching exercises contribute to a good mindset that prepares your body for a good night's rest.

Builds strength

Perhaps you've seen many long-limbed, slender yogis and thought that stretching exercises were for flexibility alone. Well, you're wrong!

The asanas in yoga are highly effective at strengthening body muscles to build high levels of strength and stamina. While weight-training exercises can help you add bulk in addition to building strength, yoga stretching exercises help build more lean muscles without compromising strength.

Stress management and self care

Research has shown that yoga can boost mental health and supports mindfulness, healthy eating, weight loss and stress management.

The corpse pose, otherwise known as the savasana, along with its special meditation and breathing techniques is particularly helpful for stress management. Additionally, studies have also shown yoga's tremendous benefits in osteopenia, women's health, chronic pain, oncology, arthritis and other specialties.

Improved blood circulation

Today, many individuals are at risk of cardiovascular diseases and nervous attacks due to poor blood circulation. Certain diets, coupled with a lack of regular exercise puts you at risk of heart disease and muscular problems.

Yoga stretching exercises can boost blood circulation throughout the body, including the muscles and joints. As such, you'll heal quicker from any muscular injuries and enjoy better overall health.

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or just starting out, yoga stretching offers something for you. If you're ready to experience the amazing benefits of yoga stretching for yourself, why not book a session with us and give it a try today?

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