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Why Everybody Should Do Yoga

What comes to your mind upon hearing the word "yoga"? Perhaps, it's a group of lithe men and women contorted in various still poses, yet carrying looks of complete ease- like the very act is not as strenuous as it looks.

You've probably heard about some of its physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits. Even if you're not unsure of what it's truly about, the fact stands that yoga is one of the most popular wellness therapies in the world today.

An ancient practice, yoga has its origins in the Orient where it was practiced for hundreds of years before rising popularity brought it to the West.

Today, yoga refers to the physical forms or "asanas" that involve physical exercise. In truth, yoga encompasses much more and includes a series of breathing and meditation techniques that bring about not only suppleness of limbs and joints but the wellness of mind and spirit.

Women in an Accessible Yoga Class

Yoga Accessibility: The Problems

By default, most people associate yoga with the complex physical forms, studios, and smallish monk-instructors. However, this image isn't altogether correct.

As earlier emphasized, the asanas are only a part of yoga. Thus, anyone can practice yoga anywhere.

Yes, that's right. You don't even need to go to a studio or gym to do yoga.

Although the asanas are a core part of yoga, and most enthusiasts go to the studios and consult the instructors, there are several ways to do it at your own convenience.

In fact, a good yoga schedule should be tailored to your ability for maximum effect. Perhaps, you've heard about experiences where people leave studios badly injured from the complex forms, or simply too frustrated with the routine to continue.

Such people often give up, forever shutting their doors to the goodness of yoga and all that it signifies.

This is the case with many people today, who often, afterward, feel that they're simply not good enough to do it.

The truth is that you aren't to blame. Yoga goes beyond complex limb exercises. Although these forms are good for weight loss and strength building, they are just one technique in all of yoga. So, if you ever feel bad that you were unable to master the exercises and forms, know that it's because the exercises weren't just for you.

That's right! Not everyone can, or should do the most complex asanas.

Yoga Accessibility: The Solutions

The answer to this is self-suited exercises. It's the responsibility of your instructor to find you the right exercises to make the best of your body and manage your limitations efficiently.

A top-quality yoga instructor will ensure the following:

Adaptability and Open-Mindedness

A good instructor draws the focus away from their own expertise and is instead open-minded to learning at the pace of the class, with a special interest in the unique abilities of participants.

Ahimsa (pacifism)

As an instructor, you should teach with compassion and understanding, eliciting only positive energies and vibes from the individual.

Satya (Honesty)

A good instructor is honest about their expectations and will not try to force you beyond your limit.

At Shift Yoga Studio, we understand these requirements and know what it takes to help each individual find their target in yoga. Join us today.

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