Come Get Shifted

Our yoga classes are a needed shift from the norm, with unique offerings and extra special touches to enhance each trip to the mat.  Our classes are more about the experience than the level, focusing more on how you feel and what your body needs rather than how each pose looks.


All of our teachers lovingly teach to each person in the room, holding space for everyone and offering customizations for all.


We often get asked what class to start with, especially by those who are brand new to yoga

Our Yin Yoga & Meditation class is the answer.  It's the perfect place to start.  It's deliciously relaxing, totally accessible and you are going to love it!


Our owner's inbox is always open if you ever need any further guidance. 

Don't hesitate to reach out.  She loves caring for everyone in our tribe.

Release & Restore

 What we do best!

RELEASE (a verb) to allow or enable to escape from confinement, set free


Our signature class! We are big advocates for yin yoga here at SHIFT. This divine practice is perfect for everyone and we believe is the key to helping us all discover more physical, mental and emotional freedom. Our bodies need to be released just as much as they need to be stimulated and yin is just the practice for release. We hold poses a bit longer, but in a really chill, passive way to free up the deeper tension embedded in our bodies. This helps create more hydration, range of motion and ease in our joints and tissues.  Our yin classes end with 10 minutes of guided meditation and with extra special touches like Lavender aromatherapy and heated eye pillows, you will leave feeling profound!


Where has this innovative class been all our lives?!  This is the most delicious class you have never taken before because it is only offered here at SHIFT!  This exclusive class combines myofascial release and yoga.  It is like getting a massage. and taking a yoga class and going to physical therapy all at the same time.  In our Deep Release class we explore gentle yoga postures with the intention of looking for where there is restriction in the myofascial webbing that beautifully holds everything together.  Then we use assorted rollers and rounds to release the myofascial network and soothe the nervous system.   This class is perfect for absolutely everyone and can be profound to help restore and heal the body, the mind and the spirit.  You will leave feeling renewed!


OMG, this class is mighty delicious.  It is all the Yin Yoga poses you know and love with a few downdogs and gentle sun salutations sprinkled in for a uniquely soothing experience for the spirit, mind and body.


Talk about decadent!  Our Sunday Night Surrender class is the absolute perfect way to wind down from the busy week.  An indulgent blend restorative yoga class this class will allow you to rebalance you energy, reopen and restore the body and calm the mind.  We use a palace of props in this class and even use the wall to help create delicious release in our joints.  Just when you think it couldn't get any sweeter you are then guided through a Yoga Nidra Sleep Meditation to renew the lost energy from the week and prepare your body, mind and soul for the week ahead.  You will leave feeling utterly divine!

Warrior Two

Flavors of Flow

FLOW (a verb) to move along steadily & continuously 


Slow is the new strong! Our slow flow classes move gracefully through yoga postures at a deliciously sweet, slow pace. These classes are a beautiful way to experience your body moving in harmony with your breath.  You will leave feeling fluid and light.


Moving at a steadier pace, this class will make you work up a little sweat.  Our Flow class is perfect if you are looking to dig a little deeper, challenge yourself a little more and grow in your yoga practice.  You will leave feeling confident and energized!


Woah baby, our Hot Flow classes are one hell of an adventure, fueled by juicy music and heated with cutting edge infared heat technology.   Be prepared to sweat, laugh, go upside down and explore like you never thought possible. These classes are challenging and edgy, but taught in such a loving way that you won't care about what you can and can't do or how many times you fell out of a handstand. Since the room is heated with Infared Heaters, this gives our hot yoga class a more holistic vibe than traditional hot yoga classes.  Instead of blowing hot air around the room to make you sweat, our Infared heaters will heat you from the inside out like the sun.  This will cause you to sweat in a deep and meaningful way without feeling like you can breathe. The infared technology has been proven to detoxify the body, promote faster healing from injury, relives pain and inflamation, reduces tension, strengthen the immune system and so much more.  This class will make you feel alive, loved, empowered and connected to our sweet sweaty tribe!

Mindfulness in Motion

MINDFUL (an adjective) conscious or aware of something 


Movement is medicine and our Mindful Movement Classes are just what you need to become deeply connected with your body.  This practice is perfect for anyone looking for a little less flow and a little more stability.  Our Mindful Movement classes will  focus on  aligning ourselves in postures  without judgement,honoring the true 

beauty of our own unique body.

 Poses are held for a little longer to help us gain a deeper awareness of the present moment.  You will leave feeling grounded, open and calm.


Gentle is the new advanced in our humble opinion.  Our Gentle Strength classes are the perfect place to work on your practice at a  richer, slower pace.  Our gentle classes move in a tender way to build strength and suppleness.  This class is for everyone.  We love the way gentle yoga encourages us to move in a more intune way with our bodies each week.  You will leave feeling nourished and vibrant.


This deliciously healing energy work is a form of gentle exercise performed upright in graceful fluid patterns to  stretch the body, increasing fluid movement (blood, synovial and lymph) and build awareness of how the body moves through space. Qi Gong awakens the inner currents of energy within our bodies to keep us in a state of aligned inner peace.

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