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Our approach to teaching group yoga classes is a breath of fresh air,.  We see you as a unique individual with a body to be celebrated.  We see nothing broken that needs to be fixed in you so we will never "correct" you in class or put our hands on you, but instead encourage you to find what feels good.  

We teach yoga from a compassionate place and all our teachers are trauma informed and have training in how to make yoga accessible for all bodies and abilities. 

This mean you will be give agency, freedom and choice to discover what works best for you.  You will never be forced or asked to push.  We will take requests in every class and cater the experience to meet your needs. We will hold space that fosters support, care and permission, allowing you to deeply connect to and reclaim joy in your body.


Yin Yoga & Meditation

What we do best.  This deeply chill & restful practice is perfect for everyone and offers a profound opportunity for healing your Body, Mind & Soul



Moving at a steadier pace, this class will make you work up a little sweat.  Our Flow class is perfect if you are looking to dig a little deeper, challenge yourself a little more and grow in your yoga practice.


Mindful Movement

 This practice is perfect for anyone looking for a little less flow and a little more stability.  This classes will focus on engaged stretching and find joy in moving into yoga poses more slowly and mindfully.

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Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga is a powerful tool for health and healing and our therapeutic class is designed to help support you on your healing path.  Wether you are rehabbing an injury or feeling a lot of stress and anxiety, this class will provide you with restoration.  The pace is gentle with time reserved for breathing practices and relaxation practices to help restore you on every level and bring balance to your bodymind.


Deep Release

An innovative Self Care Class you can only find here.  This self body work class blends Self Myofascial Release with Mindfulness to help you discover more ease in your body than you ever thought possible.


Flow for EveryBODY

Each human body is different.  This class is the perfect place to learn how to customize yoga to your unique body's needs.  Class will flow, but at a nice slower pace  and tons of options will be offered for all.


Gentle Strength

This class is active, but tender.  We take it easy on the joints and work gently towards creating deep inner strength in our bodies.  You will work, but in a slow informed way incorporating lots of stretching and grounding work.



This is a powerful practice for your internal energy.  Taught virtually by our Qigong master, Felicia has advanced knowledge in the internal arts.  Qigong brings you into union with your internal state.  Performed standing this class is meditative and balancing.

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