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Happy, Laughing People Enjoying a Class at Our Yoga Center

  Diversity | Inclusion | Equity  

Creating a Conscious Community

We love the yoga community, but let's face it, there is room for great improvement in the messaging in this industry. The yoga industry is predominantly white. We see it in the smiling faces of yoga teachers everywhere, we see it plastered all over every yoga magazine, white faces in sports bras and high ponytails make up the majority of yoga ad images. It has been the message for many decades. This messaging has caused a great lack of diversity in yoga studios everywhere and has led to people feeling like they don't belong if they aren't young, skinny white women who can touch their toes.

At SHIFT we desire to be a part of cultivating real meaningful change in the way we carry ourselves as a business and vow to the community we serve to move with love, reverence, and intention to do our part to continue to remain aware and active of the gaps in diversity in our own community.  

 As a conscious business we acknowledge this lack of diversity and are committed to doing our small part to create a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable space for all races, genders, identities, religions, sizes, ages, orientations, and abilities to have access to the teachings of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

We lovingly invite more diversity into our space, but are aware that yoga's commercial packaging has some feeling like they don't belong. We value that we all have different experiences and a desire to hold space for the importance of our students unique viewpoint, journey, and needs. We encourage you to be in touch with us about what you need and how we can support you in feeling comfortable to come join us for classes online or in-studio at our yoga center. Your presence matters.




We are committed to helping those who have been marginalized by the yoga industry have a voice to inspire others through teaching. 

We proudly offer full and partial scholarships to our 200 hour yoga teacher training program so that we can have more diverse voices inspiring our students.


We are passionate about supporting and ensuring the voices of those who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and other groups are welcomed to the teacher seat in the yoga community here at SHIFT.

Please click the Diversity button above to apply for our scholarships

Our Welcoming Yoga Center

You Matter 

We aspire for all human beings to know that they belong.  We desire for all human beings to feel loved, seen, heard and welcomed at our studio.

We embody this aspiration in our actions by ensuring we speak up for and support all beings in our community no matter their race, gender, age, size, ability and orientation.


We desire to be a safe place for all to come and have access to the tools for deep long lasting wellbeing.

We offer a complimentary monthly restorative yoga classes for People of Color.  1st Sundays at 6:00pm

Black Lives Matter

Women Stretching on Yoga Mat

Free Space

We are excited to do our part to ensure that everyone has access to yoga no matter where they are starting from.

In order to stand for equity in our community we reserve 2 free spaces in every virtual class so that we can remove the barriers to well being for those who in need.

Our free spaces are for anyone who is experiencing financial hardship or for those whose finances/circumstance limit their ability to afford to pay for yoga.

Please click the Equity button above to apply for our Free Spaces Program

We believe yoga should be financially accessible to all.  In addition to weekly free classes on our schedule, we also offer custom pricing to meet you where you are.  If you need reduced pricing, please reach out, we got you!

Fun Yoga Class


The presence of difference in the people that make up an organization or group.  Being conscious of having a  variety of races, genders, identities, sizes and abilities and orientations  present.  

Advanced Yoga Class


Ensuring that people with different identities feel valued, welcomed and respected.  A conscious intention to ensure  that all are seen, loved and heard

Beginner Yoga Class


Fairness. The acknowledgment that people are starting at different places.  Bringing awareness to the barriers that exist for some and intending to bring balance through action

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