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Strength, Stamina, Resilience

Flow Yoga is a powerful celebration of the body in motion. In our Flow classes, we move with intention and awareness of our body's needs. We place a loving emphasis on letting the breath drive your movement and will always guide you to listen to your body and do what feels good. Our Flow classes will support all levels and inspire you to celebrate your unique body. Our flow classes will always leave you feeling focused, energized, and peaceful.

Flow Yoga Teacher

What to Expect

Very simply, Flow Yoga is fun. It is a creative movement practice that explores working at a steady pace. Through class, you will be guided to find powerful places of engagement in your muscles while you move through yoga postures. The engagement will not only help you create stability in your body, but the muscular engagement is what will allow the tight places in our muscles to relax. Classes will have an energy to them that will keep you in motion, often offering creative transitions to "flow' from one pose to the next. A flow class will challenge you and increase your heart rate, sometimes it will even make you sweat. Be prepared to energize your body and enjoy moving and breathing with purpose and awareness.

Flowing for ALL

Movement should feel good, it should empower and inspire us to find appreciation and joy in our bodies. It shouldn't make us feel inadequate. It should uplift us and help us build strength, stamina, and resilience in our tissues. As we age our bodies need to continue to be stimulated to work so we can maintain our strength and ease in every decade. We have found FLOW yoga to be a perfect practice to help support our bodies and improve strength and suppleness every decade. This is why we take an inclusive approach to teaching FLOW. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all class, working to a peak pose, we meet everyone in the room where they are and offer a "flow as it feels good to you" approach. We will always take requests, encourage you to move at your own pace, offer tons of customizations, and help everyone in the room find their own unique FLOW.

Flow Yoga Class
  • Vibrant breath centered movement to cultivate strength

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    Duration Varies

  • A heated adventure for your body and mind

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    1 hr

Live Streaming FLOW Options

  • Available Online

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    1 hr 15 min

Check out what a flow class is like with this complimentary video download 

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