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1-on-1 Support for Body, Mind & Soul

with Jessie Kates

I have always had a heart of service and through my own first hand experience with yoga, have been deeply in awe of how the practices are a complete source of healing for the body, mind, and soul. I have spent over a decade continuing to educate myself and have received advanced education in the Body-Mind Sciences. In addition to my certifications in yoga, mindfulness and meditation, I am a compassionately trained yoga therapist. This means I have achieved the highest level of education available in my field and am skilled in understanding how to work with the whole person (body, mind, spirit, energy) and apply yoga practices therapeutically to bring you back into balance, ease pain and suffering and give you the tools to heal.  Sharing this healing path is my life's work.

I would love to support you on your journey.  My knowledge and skills allow me to help you in a variety of capacities. Whether you just want to explore moving through yoga poses with more knowledge and personal guidance, you are dealing with chronic pain and tension that needs support, or are suffering from anxiety, I can be of service and provide you with the tools to begin to heal yourself.

Private Yoga Instructor

What is the difference between a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist?


  • Trained to guide group yoga classes

  • Trained in a specific tradition/lineage

  • Needs to obtain a min. 200 hour certificate

  • Teaches primarily physical practice


  • Trained to work one on one

  • Trained in the therapeutic aspects of ALL yogic practices

  • Needs a min. of 1000 hours of training

  • Trained to apply yoga techniques to specific conditions 

Schedule a Private Session

30 Minute Sessions - $50

60 Minute Sessions - $100

Sessions are in person at the studio.  In Person Session Options are Thursdays between 11:30am -2:00pm

Sessions can be just as effective on Zoom.  If you would prefer to meet on Zoom please let me know.


We see the word healing used in our modern world frequently when discussing yoga and wellness.  For many of us, the idea of healing is associated with the removal or curing of an ailment.  Healing from surgery, an injury, an illness.  There is also an expression of the word healing used in other contexts.  Like the way we talk about healing from a broken heart or healing depression. I would like to take a moment to clearly define my view on the level of healing I offer through yoga therapy.

Healing comes from the old-English term "haelen" which means WHOLENESS and it refers to the process of moving toward a desired state of wholeness, health and integration of the body, mind and spirit.

So healing to me is a restoration towards wholeness and I offer the practices of yoga therapy as tools for you to return to wholeness in your being.

Through my yoga therapy practice I offer you my heart felt intentions

  • To provide you with the methodologies and techniques to bring you into a state of more ease in your bodymind and reduce pain and suffering

  • To support you on your path to achieve healing through the recognition of your True Being

Receive Healing

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