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Sound Healing Session

Monthly Sound Healing

Sound is an ancient healing modality which has been seen in all cultures since the dawn of time.  It is a safe and effective way to reduce the load of every day stress on our systems.

We offer Monthly Sound Baths on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 12:00p - 1:00p

with Bri Alexander

Bri is our resident sound goddess.  She is a holistic wellness coach on a mission to empower the community through energy work, sound, and movement. 

Her monthly Sound Bath's are the perfect holistic alternative to restoring your nervous system from the effects of everyday stress.

She holds a compassionate space full of permission and grace.  Her soothing voice and gentle presence will support you in discovering a place of deep stillness, rest and ease.

She is an intuitive sound alchemist and always knows just what instrument to reach for to add the right vibration and frequency into the room to help others come back into balance.

Bri Alexander

Meet Bri Alexander

Why You Need Sound Healing?

Given that everything in the known Universe has a vibrational frequency (including us), attending a sound bath can be profoundly healing experience.  

A Sound Bath is simple - you lie down in a comfortable position and rest.  During this time, Bri will play an assortment of different instruments each with different tonal frequencies to bring your entire body mind system back in to balance and harmony.

As you relax and are bathed in meditative tonal sounds, your brain waves slow down into a deeply restorative state which allows your body's self healing abilities to be activated.

​4 Main Benefits of a Sound Bath

  1. Deep Relaxation - Sound promotes cellular renewal

  2. Clears Energetic Blockages - Sound opens up channels in the body like an energetic deep tissue massage bring you back into balance

  3. Improves Your Health - Science shows us Sound Healing can improve sleep, reduce chronic pain, lower blood pressure 

  4. Promotes Mental | Emotional | Spiritual Well-Being - Sound Baths clear and balalnce the mind leading to a reduction in mental stress,  depression and anxiety.

Offered The 3rd Sunday Each Month

Dec 11 - Dec 17














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