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Diversity Yoga Training Scholarship in Fulton MD

We desire to uplift and support our community by making our studio a place that celebrates and values diversity and supports belonging.

The yoga industry is a predominantly white space, especially in the seat of the teacher.  This creates yoga classes and studios that are predominantly white, which to us sends a message that others don't belong.  This message is harmful and not in the spirit of what our yoga ethics teach us. 

It is something we committed to using our platform to SHIFT.  We long for diverse spaces and we believe that proper representation is one of many ways we can SHIFT the narrative that yoga is just for flexible, white women.

We are committed to creating a path towards this goal by providing scholarships for People of Color and LGBTQ+.  We consciously limit the number of white women in our trainings so the space properly represents the diversity that is needed in yoga spaces today. 

To date we have proudly awarded over $50,000 in scholarships towards our mission to use our platform to end harm and decolonize the practice of yoga.


We proudly offer scholarships to our 200 hour yoga teacher training program in Maryland for Persons on Color, LGBTQ+ and others who have been marginalized by the yoga industry and whose voices are underrepresented.

We believe there is power in all voices, uniting to uplift humankind, and we long to make a shift in the yoga industry and in our own studio by making space to shine a light and celebrate the powerful and inspirational viewpoint and experience of all voices. 


We are committed to using our privilege to support our community and help all those who have been left out find belonging in the yoga industry.

Yoga Teacher Training Diversity Scholarship Application
Have you been to SHIFT before?
How do you identify
How long have you practiced yoga?

Thank you for applying. We will contact you via email if you have been selected.

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