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Yin Yoga

The Power of Stillness

Our signature yoga class! We are big advocates for yin yoga here at SHIFT. This divine practice is perfect for everyone and we believe is the key to helping us all discover more physical, mental and emotional freedom. Our bodies need to be released just as much as they need to be stimulated and yin is just the practice for release.

Yin Yoga Practitioner

What to Expect

Yin is all about surrender. In a yin class, we hold poses, using the support of props for a bit longer and we spend the whole class either sitting or lying down. This makes for a deeply grounding experience. Yin is often described as a passive practice, meaning that we snuggle up into a shape and invite our body to soften and melt over time. This allows us to target the deeper layers of connective tissue, thus freeing up the deeper tension embedded in our bodies. This helps create more hydration, range of motion, and ease in our joints. 

"The Yin Effect"

In all seriousness, this practice is like a healing salve for your soul. Students have been known to get so relaxed they have walked out to their car without their shoes, gone to the grocery store after class, and left the car running while they went in to shop. This class is "drool" worthy and will bring your body into such a state of openness you will float home.  Yin does this by communicating with your fascial system to improve your psychological well-being.  This improves your Interoception, leading to an increased body awareness and an improved ability to self regulate your emotions.  A regular yin practice can deeply improve your ability to be present and grounded.

Yin Yoga Teacher

Yin Yoga & Meditation Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17















Check out what a yin yoga class is like with this complimentary video download 

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