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11 Day Mind, Body, & Soul Reboot

Are You Ready to Transform?

Each year I take a look back at what I have experienced and pause to reflect. All that I have been through, no matter how difficult, has been a great source of wisdom. It took me many years to see that. 


I have learned this path of growth isn't a straight line to some exciting endpoint, but a continuous, zig-zagging journey of shedding. In each new year, we shed what and who hasn't worked with love and gratitude. This process, albeit sometimes painful, is necessary to make a space within us for discovering truth and the nourishing light of our own true nature, which is abundant peace. 

I believe the greatest sense of liberation comes from embracing being a work in progress, so with love, skill, and knowledge, I bring my gifts as an educator, mindfulness teacher, yoga therapist, and authentic messy human to offer a yearly REBOOT for your Mind, Body, and Soul so that you can reconnect to the present moment, find the insight from the past year and step into the future renewed and reconnected to your TRUE SELF again.

About the Mind | Body | Soul Reboot

My dear Mindfulness teacher Tara Brach once taught me that this journey of awakening is a journey of continual remembering and forgetting, then remembering again. What we are forgetting is to be present, what we forget is to be tender to ourselves, what we forget is we are a radiant being and life is a profound journey of learning, shedding, and renewing over and over again. As a Mindfulness Teacher and Educator - this is at the root of how I serve my community - to be a source of remembrance for you to find your way back to yourself and the wisdom that lies within.

So I designed this beautiful 11 day Mind | BODY | SOUL REBOOT to be just that - a remembrance practice to get back into alignment for the new year of your life that is ahead.

Inside the course portal, you will discover 11 POWERFUL days of content to move through. It brings together Mindfulness teachings with a somatic approach. I find through the BODY is the most important place to explore transformation and a return to wholeness. The course is an offering of my deep love for you and this path we walk each day together, forgetting our essential nature and then remembering it again. 


This course is juicy and deep and it is designed for you to flow through at your own pace. 

Space out the content over multiple weeks or dig in for 11 days in a row.

Each day has a Theme and will offer 

  • Inspirational Video Exploring the Days Theme

  • Movement Practice to Embody the Theme

  • Breathing & Meditation Practice

  • A Journal Prompt  

Are You Ready?

Investment $50
Lifetime access to the recordings

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