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shift yoga classes near burtonsville md

Spiritual School

Deep down we all have a strong desire to awaken.  It fuels the choices we make in our everyday lives. 

Many of us come to yoga because it is where we have noticed we come the most in contact with that feeling of awakening.

The more we show up to our mat, the more curious we become about the practice of yoga.  We wonder what it is about yoga that makes us feel so alive, so present, so renewed.

As we begin to notice it's rich benefits taking shape in our life off of our mat, this curiosity grows to a deep inner quest for deeper knowledge, wisdom and truth.

We are proud to be a school for inner awakening for those who are ready to dig in deeper.  Our yoga trainings are offered throughout the year and are a deep meaningful journey of the soul.

Our school is profoundly deep, enriching and transformative.  We don't study yoga, We study life through the lens of yoga.

Available Offerings:

Yin Yoga Immersion

8 Week Pranayama 

4 Week Mindfulness Course

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Philosophy for an inspired life off the mat

If you are hungry for more wisdom, desire more tools and are ready to awaken more deeply, we encourage you to check out our school offerings.

All of our training tracks are perfect for every level of student.  Don't think of it as a yoga training, think of it like spiritual school for your soul. 

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