for spirit, mind & body 

We have some delicious things in store for you that you can't find anywhere else.  Get ready to be cared for deeply, nourished profoundly and introduced to the tools to awaken your mind and heart.

We are a studio for those who want to explore more than just the physical side of yoga.

Read below to learn all about what sets us apart and makes each trip to the mat here extra special.

A New Kind of Yoga Studio is Here!

Born out of a desire to elevate the yoga landscape and shift the way yoga is being taught and experienced, comes a fresh new perspective from the heart of our passionate owner Jessie Kates.  We love the yoga community here in Maryland and there are many amazing studios that we have had the pleasure of taking classes at, but they all focus on the same thing.  It's a vinyasa and hot power yoga saturated scene with an emphasis on viewing yoga as just a physical form of exercise.  All those classes are fun, but there is no place to go to chill out, slow down, stretch and meditate.  No place to connect to the roots of the deep spiritual tradition that yoga truly is. 


We realized no one was being a champion for stillness, self care and learning to be more mindful. So we decided it was time for a SHIFT.  Our community needs a place to go to nourish their bodies more from the inside out. We need a place to awaken the richness of the spiritual path.  Our yoga community was in desperate need of some more balance and we came along to be the sweet juicy spiritual Yin to it's fun physical Yang!


We now finally have a place to go to care for not only our bodies but our minds and sprits.  We are so proud to be a part of this vibrant yoga community in Maryland and grateful to support you by offering the softer, sweeter, self care, spiritual side of yoga. We can't wait for you to make a SHIFT to more tenderness, can't wait for you to experience the openness that your body is capable of achieving and the long lasting effects of slowing down, wringing out and restoring yourself. 

We can't wait for you to explore beyond the physical.

  We have created classes to help you awaken and strengthen more than just your body.  We will help you cultivate flexibility and resiliency in not only your body, but your mind and spirit!  We have a real chill vibe here at SHIFT and walking into our beautiful studio will feel like you are coming over to our home.  It's cozy, inviting, down to earth and filled with love.  


All are welcome here.  No matter your size, gender, age, race or ability.  You are welcome here no matter how you identify or who you love.  This is a safe place for meaningful connection, love, acceptance, spiritual awakening and we can't wait to welcome you.

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