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It all started in 2018 with a vision to serve our community and help create a needed SHIFT in the way yoga is taught. 

So we sought out to shift the narrative that yoga is just fitness by creating a space to slow down, meditate, and focus on our bodies

well-being from the inside out.

From there a Self Care Movement was born, steeped in the roots of yoga.  Our emphasis is on creating an environment where deep nourishment can occur in not just the body, but the mind and soul.

We see the need for restoration to be at the forefront, so that is just what we are here to represent.  Everywhere you look in our town you will find yoga studio with hot yoga classes taught at a fast pace that only cater to able, flexible bodies and we find this message to be harmful and something we long to SHIFT.

So we vow to be the change we want to see in our industry  

A yoga studio for the whole self - body, mind and soul  

A yoga studio to provide folks with tools to help them not only navigate a difficult yoga pose,

but to navigate the difficult waters of life  

A yoga studio where ALL BODIES are acknowledged and cared for  

A yoga studio where the roots of this practice and the culture from which it comes are

cherished, celebrated and held with reverence

OUR Signature Touch

We indulge in 10 minutes of deep rest under the warmth of heated eye pillows and 8 pound weighted yoga blankets at the end of every class.  It is profoundly restoring for your nervous system and you won't find it anywhere else.


OUR Signature Class

Deep Release is an innovative class created by our owner Jessie Kates.  You won't find this class anywhere else.  Using therapy balls designed by Jessie, we bring deep release and renewal to our body in this Self Care class where Myofascial Release meets Mindfulness.


OUR Signature Belief

Our door mat makes it clear ALL are welcome here.  No matter your identity, orientation, ability, gender or color.  You will be meet with immense love and reverence, your body celebrated, your lived experience honored, your joy shared.  Here you will be safe, here you will be seen and heard.

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