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Washington DC Yoga Classes

Washington D.C.

Online Yoga Classes

A yoga studio for the whole self - body, mind and soul. A yoga studio to provide folks with tools to help them not only navigate a difficult yoga pose, but to navigate the difficult Waters of life.


A yoga studio where all bodies are acknowledged and cared for. A yoga studio where the roots of this practice and the culture from which it comes are cherished, celebrated and held with reverence.

Join all of us at SHIFT Yoga today!

Washington DC Yoga Classes

Washington DC Yoga Instructors

Searching for yoga instructors in Washington DC? Look no further than SHIFT Yoga. Our yoga teachers are experienced and welcoming professionals who will guide you as you learn to nourish your body, mind, and sou. Our online yoga classes are designed to meet your needs, no matter your age, size, or physical abilities. Yoga is for every body! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned yogi, we have classes for you. And best of all, our classes are affordable and convenient!

SHIFT Yoga offers a variety of classes, including:

Flow - Moving at a steadier pace, this class will make you work up a little sweat. This class is perfect if you are looking to challenge yourself a little more, dig a little deeper, and grow in your yoga practice.

Deep Release - Self Myofascial Release is a powerful self care practice that involves using assorted therapy tools to be your own massage therapist. When we apply gentle pressure to our bodies, we begin unlocking muscle tension, promoting healing, reducing inflammation, improving range of motion and rehydrating the tissues; allowing us to move with more freely and easily in our everyday lives.

Yin Yoga & Meditation - Our signature yoga class! We are big advocates for yin yoga here at SHIFT. This divine practice is perfect for everyone and we believe is the key to helping us all discover more physical, mental, and emotional freedom. Our bodies need to be released just as much as they need to be stimulated and yin is just the practice for release.

Qigong - This is a powerful practice for your internal energy. Taught virtually by our Qigong master, Felicia has advanced knowledge in the internal arts. Qigong brings you into union with your internal state. Performed standing this class is meditative and balancing.

Mindful Movement - This practice is perfect for anyone looking for a little less flow and a little more stability. This classes will focus on engaged stretching and find joy in moving into yoga poses more slowly and mindfully.

Sunday SoulFlow - Easy like Sunday morning, our SoulFlow class is offered virtually and is where we take our yoga studies deeper. This class shares teaching from the traditional yoga texts to infuse our life with more meaning and weaves breathwork and chanting into the class for a powerful exploration of yoga's deeper teachings.

Flow for EveryBODY - Each human body is different. This class is the perfect place to learn how to customize yoga to your unique body's needs. Class will flow, but at a nice slower pace and tons of options will be offered for all.

Interested in what our signature yoga classes have to offer you? Then sign up for our yoga courses today! Our yoga instructors look forward to meeting you!

Rave Reviews


I have belonged to multiple yoga studios over the last 13 years.  SHIFT is by far the BEST.  The teachers take in special requests in the beginning of each class and adapt their plans to serve people's needs.  Love this place.


I can’t say enough amazing things about this place. I live in the Annapolis area and drive the 40 min to and 40 min home from classes because I believe you just can’t get a better experience. The passion Jessie and the instructors have for what they do is clear, and they make it such a warm, welcoming and rewarding environment.


This place is fantastic. Great classes, great atmosphere, and you can't say enough good things about the owner, Jessie Kates. It is clear to me how hard Jessie has worked to perfect her craft.

Yoga Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17














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