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6 Benefits of Using Essential Oils in Your Yoga Practice

Today, yoga is popular due to its multiple physical, mental, and even spiritual benefits. As you practice your yoga forms, you should know that yoga and aromatherapy are ancient practices that offer a holistic approach to health. Combining both allows for fully healing your mind, body, and soul. Here are some benefits of using essential oils in your yoga practice.

#1. They help to energize and recenter the mind

Yoga is popular for its physical and mental challenges. It takes a combination of brainpower and muscle strength to hold your body weight in various complex poses for extended periods.

Citrus oils carry an aroma that brings energy. Rolling an essential oil blend of bergamot, ground cedar, and grapefruit onto various pulse points or your chest and neck before a yoga class can give you much-needed focus and awareness.

#2. They reduce anxiety and stress

Combining essential oils with yoga can help you to relieve stress and anxiety, which, in turn, helps you better cope with the rigors of yoga.

As you head into a yoga class, the right essential oils, through aromatherapy, have calming and soothing properties that help you to decompress. You can start with bergamot, orange, and lavender aromas.

#3. They improve cardiovascular and circulatory health

Essential oils have a wide range of active chemical compounds that help to relax the nervous system. For example, essential oils like black pepper can promote blood circulation leading to quicker recovery after a yoga session.

#4. They have antibacterial properties

Certain essential oils like frankincense, tea tree, and citrus have inherent antibacterial properties. If you occasionally carry out yoga at home, essential oils can be used as an in-home cleaning spray for your yoga mat. For instance, you can use a mix of witch hazel, lemon oil, tea tree, and water. This can help to uplift your mood and purify the air.

#5. They help to heal injuries quickly

Strenuous yoga practices often result in muscle pain, especially when the sessions involve the most complex asanas. Essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the senses, boost blood circulation, and heal muscular injuries quickly. You can apply the oils before or after the yoga session.

#6. Promote positive energy and positivity

Essential oils don’t only energize you. They also inject the positive energy and serenity needed for a yoga session. Cardamom, in particular, has these qualities, as it works effectively to bring overall body and mental wellness.

If you’re practicing yoga and have various issues like indigestion or nausea, the right essential oils can help.

Start the journey to healing your mind, body, and soul today

The benefits of yoga are numerous and widely known, hence its popularity with people across all age groups. When paired with aromatherapy, the effects are awesome, as you get to enjoy the benefits above and more. Join us at Shift Yoga Studio today!

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