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The Power of Choice

Another Monday begins in my house, in the same fashion it has since September...with a struggle.

To be blunt. Addison hates virtual school and she makes her viewpoint known every. single. day.

As a parent I struggle with the fine line of guiding my child through her difficulties without covering over how she feels.

I hold space for Addison as she cries and complains about it day in and day out because I don't blame her. All of this is so unnatural. Going to school online, welcoming students to the studio through the lens of my laptop, teaching yoga to black squares with names on them. It's weird, hard, foreign and Addison's reaction is the same one all of use adults are just holding inside. We hate it, it sucks and it is draining our soul.

But day in and day out I quiet myself and listen for the guidance to help Addison, to help myself, to help all of you through this in one piece.

This Monday it hit me. In the middle of predictably rough Monday morning waking up Addy, only for her to remember she lives in a world where she goes to school online, it hit me.

It doesn't matter if we are 10 or 80, during this 8 month saga we have forgotten that we have the power of choice. All of our freedom actually lies in it.

So listen carefully my beloved yoga family, we have the power to choose how we show up. Let me say that again. You have the power to choose how you show up to this shitty situation.

This all sucks immensely but we don't have to let it dictate our mood, that WE are in control of. Addison has spent the last 3 months every morning allowing what she can't control, to control her. She has let it diminish her spirit and this week I reminded her she doesn't have to.

Yes she has to still go to school online and I don't have the heart yet to tell her they have to keep going all the way through Spring, (pray for me) AND she is allowed to hate it, that is her right, BUT her power is in choosing how to show up to the moment. No matter if it is terrific or terrible, she doesn't have to suffer if she remembers that she has all the power in the situation. She can choose to bring peace, positivity, surrender, curiosity, and endless other energies. She doesn't have to resist and struggle. She can chart a course through this shitty situation with lightness in her heart. She has all the power. And so do we.

We get to choose how me move through the world, how we show up to the situation and in the end this power to choose will be the very thing that liberates us.

So choose your path through this storm and may it be lined with peace.


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