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Welcome to SHIFT YOGA

It is with giddy excitement that I welcome you to SHIFT YOGA. A year ago I felt in my heart that it was time for a JFK Yoga Studio, but our good friend fear kept holding me back. "What if I fail?" "What if no one comes?" and so many other doubt filled questions swam around in my head. There was always this feeling in my heart...steady, patient, all knowing and at peace. Plus your passionate continued support and daily encouragement "why don't you have your own studio?" "you really need to do your own studio" "if you had your own place it would be so successful."

I followed the compass of my heart as I have been teaching you all to do for 5 years and slowly I started making plans, looking at spaces, drafting business plans, mapping out cash flow projections and continuing to cultivate my message week after week to you my beloved students. I would see spaces that would excite me, but always think to myself that I don't know if I have it in me to leave my Happy Yogi tribe. We have been together for a while, some of us since day one. You are my people. I look forward to my time inside the four walls of the Happy Yogi more than I can explain to you in writing. So for months I planned, but held back, longed for a solution, searched, but knew it wouldn't be the same without my tribe by my side in this exciting adventure of my own studio.

So when Chris presented the opportunity to purchase the Fulton studio, my heart skipped a beat, could it be possible that I could accomplish my dream of having my own space AND not have to leave my beloved Happy Yogi tribe.

So today with the most immense amount of gratitude I welcome you to SHIFT Yoga. A place built out of love by our founding owner Chris Kohout. The legacy of the studio is The Happy Yogi and what it represents. Connection, love, authenticity and a love for the integrity of the yoga practice. A practice the extends beyond the yoga mat. This legacy will continue under my loving ownership. We helped our first owner build this humble haven and I am deeply grateful to Chris for the opportunity to continue to spread the love, connection and authenticity. Namaste


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