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Never Say Never

Modern Science has now been able to prove that our mind is not what we have thought it to be all our life. It is not just a brain in our skull unaware of what is happening from the neck down. Our

#mind, in fact, is embedded in every cell throughout our bodies. So every thought we have, the body can hear. Which is beautiful for those of us who have studied #yoga and eastern philosophy because it fulfills the prophecy that the #Buddha taught thousands of years ago..."what we think we ultimately become!"

Through #meditation we become more aware of the musings of our own mind and in that light of awareness we begin to see that there is a strong current of negative thoughts. We all have them and it isn't something to beat yourself up about because we all have yoga to come to the rescue! On our yoga mat we tell ourselves we can't constantly. "I can't do a handstand," "I'll never be able to touch my toes." Our bodies, dear friends, are completely capable. Designed for movement in fact. So they can, but the reason you have been struggling to get that pose or touch your sweet toes is because of what you tell yourself in the quiet of your own mind. Remember, knowing what we now know about how the mind works, we can confidently say that what has been holding us back isn't out body, but in fact our minds...or more appropriately our #mindset.

Years ago when I first started teaching yoga, people would ask me if I was going to open my own #yogastudio someday. My response was always immediate "no, never." Unaware at the time that my body heard that and those words made it shut down the #energy of possibility and life never unfolded with a yoga studio in my future. As my teaching career grew more and more people would ask me more and more frequently about opening my own studio. During the last 2 years in particular the questions were strong and they came in daily from my beloved tribe "why don't you have your own studio?" "you should open your own studio," "if you had your own studio it would be so successful." Now I don't know exactly what changed, maybe it was all your strong love and support that tipped my thinking, but one day my response changed. One day I responded "maybe." Hearing those words leave my own lips shocked even me at first, but before long I found myself instead of saying never, saying "what if," "someday," "possibly." Now here I sit typing this #blog to post on the website of my very own yoga studio that I have owned for 2 weeks.

So, my beloved tribe, I think there is a powerful life lesson here for all of us. We should never say never! It limits our potential and stops our path from unfolding in the most effortless, organic and divine way. Once my mind got out of the way and stopped limiting my life with its limiting beliefs, my destiny (this studio) unfolded fast. Once I stopped saying never, things because possible, opportunities fell into my lap and here I am a yoga studio owner, something I once said I would never do. So if you want to own your own yoga studio, if you want to do a handstand, if you want to go on that trip, accomplish that goal, the ability to do so all begins in your mind. Since your mind is embedded in every cell of your body, what you tell yourself will continue to be your manifested reality.

So do me a favor and never say just might discover the life you were meant to live!! #neversaynever #shiftyoga #itstimeforashift #heartcentered #getshifted #jfkyoga


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