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Did you ever think, today would be the day?

Last year for Christmas we got Addison a two wheel bike. She was excited about receiving the bike, but once she got out there on the road she wasn't as excited about riding it. It's awkward with the training wheels, your weight constantly shifting side to side. So needless to say the bike sat and collected dust much of last year. Oh well, she'll be interested again I hoped.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving my family was pooped and all we wanted to do was spend Sunday chilling. So we did. Or at least we tried to cause out of the blue Addison says, I want to learn how to ride a two wheeler. So much for a chill day! Out we went, training wheels off and after a few quick pep talks she was off, crusing around the block like she has been riding the bike her whole life.

Just like that, in the blink of an eye she knocked off a major milestone from her life list! Most of us would simply go back to the chill day thinking nothing of the wonder, awe and magic that really just went down outside. See it isn't about the bike, it's about the fact that we never know where each day will take us.

For the most part they are predictable and mundane, with the every day stressors popping up along the way. Then sometimes, poof! The training wheels come off of your life when you least expect it.

This concept did not sneak by Addison. The entire rest of the day she kept saying to me "Mom, did you have any idea that I would learn to ride my bike today?" and "I can't believe that, I never thought when I woke up that today would be the day."

There is the potential for magic, for milestones in each new day. May you wake up to its wonder, open up to the magic and take off the training wheels! Namaste


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