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Does it bring you peace?

Our lives are filled with moments, and as we learn together on the mat, these moments are here to awaken and teach us. As we flow from day to day our path is constantly evolving, changing, shifting. Each new day brings with it new experiences and decisions to make. It is through our yoga practice that we gain the tools to pilot these decisions with more grace and understanding. Most days the choices are simple, the decisions effortless (what to wear, eat, how to respond) and as we all know somedays it's grander. Sometimes life evolves in such a way that it puts us right in the face of a crossroads. I know for me when I am stuck at these bigger crossroads, familiar feelings of fear, doubt and the ever popular "what will people think?" guide my decision making. I will feel stuck allowing my head to guide me, never able to make a decision that feels "right"

So how do we choose the right path, how do we know we are making the right decision?

Last year when I decided I would open my own studio I wrestled with that decision. Starting out on my own meant I would have to leave this beloved studio I have been a part of since day 1. Overtime I moved forward to make the decision to look at a new space, inwardly I felt unsettled, uneasy, my mind too busy and sometimes turbulent. It was clear to my heart that I was not fully at peace with this decision.

Across town, our dear friend Chris (the original owner) found her path to be evolving in new ways. Her heart open she piloted each new experience as it unfolded, and in flowed a crossroads, a massively challenging decision. Was it time to sell the studio? Imagine it from her could she leave being this studio "her baby" and all the students she considers family. How could she ensure the legacy carried on in the way it should. It wasn't ideal, but we don't always get to choose what comes our way. With time we learn to steady our mind and trust our intuition. So Chris, bravely did what we all hope to do when faced with the most difficult choices, she quieted her doubt filled mind and listened to her heart. On her last day teaching at the studio she told us all that as challenging as it was to arrive at that choice to sell the Fulton studio to me, as soon as she said "ok, this is what I am deciding is best" she felt immediate at peace. Inwardly her body assured her that yes, this is difficult, but it is the right choice.

So sure, sometimes the experience leads us somewhere new, sometimes this journey unfolds in unexpected ways. The life we plan rocks off course, but on our mat, embedded in the ancient teachings of yoga are the tools to move through it all. Your body, a wise oracle of truth will guide you every time, your heart, a steady compass, knows the direction, knows the best choice and it will validate it for you once you make it. I felt unsettled about my choice for almost a year. To start my own space, and move possibly away from you all. I stayed calm, open, trusting that I would know, I would feel it and then Chris called (in the midst of my searching) and said "would you be interested in buying the studio?" I made the decision over time to say yes and as soon as I did, guess what I felt....AT PEACE!"

So no matter how difficult the choice before you, Look calmly at both options, both solutions before you and ask yourself "does it bring me peace?" If you feel it inwardly, if your heart settles, the dive in, it's the right choice!

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Ahhhh Jessie--simple truth delivered in your loving words.... you are the best... love ya susan

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