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It Will Bloom When it's Ready

I bought this studio on July 1st. I had a huge vision that I wanted to roll out and knew there was a lot of hard work before me and it would take time. So the first thing I did was go out a get myself the most beautiful orchid I could find to place in the lobby as a daily reminder of the beauty that would blossom over time with hard work.

Every day I came into the studio and I put in effort to nurture my vision and watch it bloom. Over the summer months slowly and inevitably the beautiful fuscia flowers on that orchid started to fall until it was a barren stalk. Now I am sure you know that orchids are said to be impossible to get to bloom again, but I had faith and I put the barren orchid in the window sill of the studio and I continued to cultivate it even though it provided me with no proof that my effort was making an impact.

The Fall came and went, the holidays passed by like a hurricane of craziness and before long, the year turned over a new. January 1st was an extra special day because it also marks the 6 month anniversary of SHIFT.

I came into the studio over the New Year Holiday and out of the corner of my eye, there on the window sill, my barren orchid that once stood as a symbol of the vision in my heart had REBLOOMED! I stood in amazement. A beautiful fuscia flower had appeared on the 6 month anniversary of SHIFT. This orchid was in full bloom, SHIFT and my vision was in full bloom.

This orchid appeared right when I needed it to and now she stood as a symbol that our visions will bloom, blossom and take shape when they are ready.

So keep cultivating your "orchid" even when it appears there are no signs your efforts are working. It will bloom in time when it's ready.


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