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I Imploded!

I love the holidays. It is my favorite time of year. They are busy with excitement, family, abundance and joy. It fills my heart immensely. Another reason I love the holidays is because it is a big time of the year when I get to rest. I normally have some extra days off from teaching and I take advantage of slowing down and restoring myself. For I, like many of you, am on a constant journey to find balance in my life.

Most of us have some semblance of balance, but let's face it...most days are hectic. Which is why we loove our time on our #yoga mat so much. That precious 75 minute yoga class helps us connect to that soul fulfilling feeling of being balanced again.

With the excitement of the holidays and the busy pace of running a thriving business, I steamrolled right into December like a bat out of hell and on December 1st my family moved into a new home! Then on December 2nd, we got a new puppy!

Well let's just say any chance I had at maintaining balance and resting went out the window fastertahn I could even get a grasp that I was in over my head.

It proved to be too much...I imploded! Melted down right in the middle of the month in a huge blaze of glory. Somewhere between the unpacking, christmas shopping, house breaking a new puppy, and running a business, I burned my candle out from both ends until the whole damn candle disintegrated. Overwhelmed by all there was to do I lashed out, snapping at my daughter, calling my husband incompetent, telling my best friend I was disappointed by her level of friendship during all this stress. It was ugly and it was obvious...My life was massively out of balance. Not a single ounce of effort was placed on my self care. Not only did I fall to the bottom of the list, but I think my name got erased from it entirely.

But here is the thing. I imploded from too much abundance. I buckled under the pressure of too many positive, exciting things. The joy of the holidays, running a new business, a new house and brand new puppy.

Here is something we learn from the philosophy of #yinyoga. In order to have balance we must have an evenness on both sides. There must be even distribution of stress and rest, joy and sorrow, laughter and tears.

To much of anything is not a life in balance. I did my best to breathe my way through the rest of the month, booked an #accupuncture appointment, took a bunch of extra bubble baths and did my best to hold on until I could feel the fog lift.

And it did, as we must remember it always does. And when it lifts we are left with the residue of the lesson we are meant to learn, reminded of the importance of balance in our lives. Sometimes we implode and if we are lucky, we pick up the pieces and move forward a little wiser than before.


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