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Making Yoga Truly Accessible: SHIFT's Pledge & Our Exciting Partnership with Stelleworld!

Namaste, dear yogis and yoginis,

At SHIFT Yoga Studio, our commitment has always been centered around reimagining the narrative of yoga. We've consistently strived to make yoga a practice of inclusivity – a haven where *everyone*, irrespective of race, size, age, gender, orientation, or financial standing, feels truly welcome.

The Heart of SHIFT: Our Accessibility Program

Our accessibility program stands as a testament to our belief that the transformative power of yoga should not be limited by monetary constraints. Understanding that everyone’s starting point is different, we’ve initiated measures like offering free spaces in every virtual class and custom pricing solutions to ensure that financial limitations aren’t a barrier to well-being. We sincerely invite everyone to become a part of this journey. If you’ve ever felt that yoga classes were beyond your reach, or know someone who could benefit from this, our doors – virtual or real – are open. Email and let’s begin this beautiful journey of holistic well-being together.

A Leap Further: Welcoming Stelleworld to the SHIFT Family!

In our mission to further bridge gaps, we are absolutely thrilled to announce our new collaboration with Stelleworld. Understanding the importance of quality attire in a yogi’s journey, Stelleworld is generously donating yoga pants to those enrolling under our accessibility program. This means, not only will you experience the unparalleled peace and mindfulness that yoga brings, but you’ll also be equipped with top-tier yoga attire to aid in your practice. This partnership reinforces our commitment and brings us a step closer to creating an environment where the essence of yoga is felt beyond poses and is rooted in the community, love, and shared growth.

A Call to Our Community

If you or someone you know would benefit from this partnership and our program, we urge you to sign up and spread the word. The more members we have in our community, the greater our collective strength and resonance. In a world filled with disparities, let’s make yoga the equalizer. With the combined efforts of SHIFT and Stelleworld, we're moving towards a more inclusive, diverse, and accessible yoga community. And remember, at SHIFT, it's always been about the work *in*, not just the work *out*.

Join us, support us, and let's SHIFT together!

With warmth and gratitude,

SHIFT Yoga Studio

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