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Please tell me you watch This Is Us?...

OMG, this show makes me cry every single week. Last week's season finale was no exception. If you haven't watched it yet, oh man... you should binge watch it this weekend.

For those of you that don't watch it, let me fill you in on what you missed from our conversations in class this week on the mat.

There is this young girl who is discovering she is gay. She recently told her family, but no one else. As you can imagine she is in the middle of a confusing time in her life as she discovers who she is. It tugs on your heart strings because we have all been through a period like this in our own lives, struggling to find ourselves or figure something out.

So in this beautiful scene she goes to her uncle Kevin for advice. He is the cool uncle...young, deliciously attractive and is a movie star in the show. In this scene she tells Kevin she is confused and as she is discovering this new part of herself, she in uncertain on how this "new her" should dress, should act and should talk to her friends.

Kevin so poetically and simply explains to her that we don't have to have it all figured out in any one moment. That part of the beauty in our journey is that we discover pieces of ourselves as we go along.

Needless to say I was a sobbing mess and immediately thought of all of us and our journey. There is something so magical that happens when we step on our #yoga mat and drop into our practice. We breathe, move and in the stillness of the present moment we pick up little pieces of ourselves along the way. Through the practice and the postures we discover new found energies and attitudes, unearth strength we didn't know was there, let go of stress we had no idea was weighing us down. Our yoga practice is helping us discover pieces of ourselves along the way.

There is something really remarkable about seeing the beauty in being a work in progress. That, no, we don't have to have all the answers right now, we don't have to have it all perfectly figured out in our life. The real magic is in trusting that we will pick up pieces of ourselves along the way as we go. This is what makes the journey so rich and fulfilling, discovering these new pieces.

If we pause for a moment and think of our journey so far. We have already found pieces of ourselves. Maybe the day you met your spouse/partner you found a piece of yourself. Maybe in your life you left/divorced a partner/spouse and found a liberated piece of yourself. In your work endeavors you have made choices that have led to the discovery of new awakened pieces of your heart. I know personally I found a massive piece of myself when I made the scary bold choice to buy this studio. In the manifesting of my mission I found a pice of my heart and I feel more whole and complete having made this decision. We have found pieces of ourselves already along the way.

But you want to know the best part. There are still more pieces out there for us to discover and we will. So continue walking your path, don't let those moments of confusion disturb you for in those moments if you can steady your mind you will discover something you have been longing to see. In the beauty of the present moment we will continue to awaken and be free!


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