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Why Yoga Should Be a Top Priority in the New Year

It's commonplace for people to make personal resolutions at the start of a new year. However, new year resolutions and goals tend to revolve around personal finances, healthy eating, and career growth.

As you plan to read more books, work harder, eat healthier or even be more social, doing yoga should be part of your list. In fact, given how much you stand to gain from yoga, it should top the list of priorities in your New Year’s resolution. Aside from benefiting your mind, body, and soul, yoga can help you achieve all your other goals for 2023.

Mental benefits

Yoga is a low-impact workout that's been scientifically proven to help reduce body stressors or stress hormones.

Additionally, practicing yoga releases feel-good neurochemicals like GBA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) and endorphins to help improve your overall mood and reduce anxiety.

Yoga's mental benefits also extend to the effects of aging on cognition and memory. Brain shrinkage in sections of the brain responsible for memory storage and information processing is much reduced if you make yoga a part of your life.

Finally, yoga is highly efficient and helps you control your flight or freeze instinct, as it activates the parasympathetic nervous system. As such, it helps to lower negative emotions like anger, anxiety and depression.

Physical benefits

Yoga is greatly beneficial for physical health in various ways, deriving from either the forms (Asanas) or improved stress management.

If you suffer occasional or frequent back pains, yoga is an efficient solution. Medical practitioners regularly recommend yoga to patients with serious lower-back pain, pointing to its effectiveness at treating such. Instead of a bed rest, yoga can help to alleviate back pain by increasing muscle strength and flexibility.

Also, regular yoga exercise is beneficial for those suffering from osteoarthritis or other joint ailments.

By boosting motion range, it can help with joint stiffness and strengthen the muscles in these areas. Also, holding a yoga form can increase body suppleness and flexibility, in addition to increasing blood circulation.

Breathing benefits

Yoga often calls for certain breathing techniques, which encourage you to focus on your breathing. The exercises help calm the mind, reduce blood pressure, lower blood glucose level, reduce heart rate, among other benefits. People with heart disease, high blood pressure, or people who've suffered strokes can benefit from yoga's focused breathing exercises.

Yoga can help you achieve your targets

Whether you've set targets to earn more money, socialize better, or eat healthier, these goals can all benefit from regular yoga.

The discipline required to hold yoga forms can be the springboard for the determination and fortitude you need to achieve other targets, while the mental and physical benefits of yoga work in tandem with any other targets you may have set.

As you enter into the new year, it's essential that you do so with the right amount of fuel to propel whatever goal it is you're driving at and transform your mind, body, and soul. That's why you shouldn't waste any more time to book a session with us for a special offer of $30. Get started today.

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