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You Are That

Last week I had a booth at a wellness fair to promote the studio. The booth next to me was this amazing woman selling crystals. As the fair winded down I went over to chat with her. I told her I recently bought a yoga studio and I asked her if she would guide me to pick a crystal that would bring in the energy of success and abundance into the studio.

The next question she asked me has stuck with me. She said "have you affirmed to the studio that it's already successful?" A little uncertain, I asked her what she meant. She said " have you told the studio that it already is successful?" She meant literally tell the walls, the floors.

I left the fair thinking "when was the last time we affirmed ourselves?" We desire to be successful in our yoga practice, when was the last time we affirmed to our body that it is doing a great job?" We desire to be calm and at peace, but when was the last time we told our soul that it is already calm and peaceful? It's been a while, if ever, but the power of affirming ourselves ensure that the energy we desire comes back to us.

I feel even deeper in love with this concept as the week passed for it reunited with me a yoga philosophy. In Kundalini #Yoga, Chants are used during #meditation and there is one in particular that popped back up into my memory after meeting this women.

SAT NAM! In essence meaning "I am that" SAT means truth, NAM means identity. So what I am seeking I already am. The success I desire for the studio, it already has. I am what I am seeking and I possess what I desire. It is normal for us all the look outside of ourselves, but thanks to our yoga practice and sometimes random strangers at wellness fairs we get reminded that we are that (already)! So spend less time seeking and more time affirming that you are that! SAT NAM.


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