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You can always do more

My husband Zach is also a business owner. Now 3 years into his journey he is an unbelievable resource for me as I step into year 1 of my own journey owning a business. I spend many an evening bouncing ideas of him and getting his opinion and feedback.

The other morning we were getting ready for Mother's Day Brunch and I mentioned to him that I was surprised I didn't sell any gift certificates for yoga classes for Mother's Day.

He stays up to date and follows all my social media accounts and he says to me, "well I didn't see you really promote it on social media." To which I reply, " I did a Facebook post, instagram post and ran it in our story." He goes to leave the bathroom and in one of those casual offhanded comments he says...

"Well I guess you could have done more."

His simple, but insightful words stopped me right there in my tracks. He was absolutely right. There is always just a little bit more we can do. Think of our journey on our mat in our yoga poses. WE can always take just one more breath. In our efforts to meditate, learn and grow spiritually, there is always just a little bit more we can do.

As a mom, friend, wife and business owner there is always a tad more effort that I can sprinkle around. I loved his sentiment because it touched on the threshold of a little bit more that is often uncharted. We love to do to much till it breaks us, we know the lane of burning the candle at both ends all to well.

But what if we saw these opportunities as a chance to not push it to the extreme, but just enjoy a little bit more. Even in forgotten about ways, can't we always drink a little more water, eat a little bit more vegetables, #meditate a little bit more, come to #yoga just a sprinkle more.

I didn't need to do anything crazy, maybe jus one more round of social media posts or I could have sent one more email reminding everyone that a gift certificate would be a great gift idea. Just a touch more just might have yielded the desired results.

So in your life on and off your mat, when moments present themselves to sprinkle just a little bit more, give it a try and see what you discover.

You can always do a little more! Namaste


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