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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Maryland

Learn to Teach Yoga in Maryland – 
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 

Honoring Yoga's Roots & Learning to Teach Accessible Classes with Care

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program in Maryland is a life changing journey deep into the heart of the path of yoga.  Explore life through the lens of the ancient teachings of the Spiritual path of yoga.  Discover the tools to transform yourself from the inside out.


Our 200 Hour is a deep and comprehensive exploration of more than just how to teach yoga poses.  It includes several Tracts to customize your journey as well as a year long, post graduation Mentorship & a Teaching Internship at the studio to support you in gaining confidence and discovering your voice.

Come dive deeper, seeing beyond the poses and discover the real nectar of what yoga was meant to share with the world. 

A schedule that allows for work-life balance

Our 200 Hour journey is offered in a once per month model.  We meet Saturdays from 12:30 - 6:30pm and Sundays from 9:30 - 5:00pm, one weekend per month from May - December (depending on the Tract you choose).  This allows us the opportunity to easily fit this life changing experience into our busy lives.

The training is then taught in 2 tracts - The Yoga Studies Tract & The Seat of the Teacher Tract. 

This allows for 2 different participation options based on your individual goals.


Take Tract 1 


Join us for the first half of training ONLY (May - July)  

Explore all the deeper aspects of the path of yoga learn to infuse your life with the teachings,

without gaining the skill/certification to teach. 

Investment $1,500

Take Tract 1 & 2-


Join us for the entire training (May - December)  

Learn all the deeper aspects of the path of yoga & receive additional training to prepare you to skillfully share the practice with others.  You will receive a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification and be able to teach yoga and secure work sharing yoga.

Investment $3,500

Tract 3


  The Mentorship Tract is a deeply special journey that is not offered in any other teacher training in the area. 

*For those of  you shopping around, I would encourage you to ask other schools you are considering, what mentorship do they provide post graduation.

During Tract 3 - You will become a part of our extended family of other post graduates, who you can also lean on for support and sisterhood.  I will support you with continuing opportunities to practice teach and grow your skill set as a yoga teacher.  You will receive a teaching internship at the studio, allowing you ample opportunities to teach community classes throughout the year and co teach classes with me to hone your voice as a teacher. 

Tract 3 allows you to continue to work under my guidance to blossom into a compassionate, wise and confident teacher. 

This is an invaluable experience that will deeply enrich your yoga journey 


May - July - Tract 1 - Honoring Yoga's Roots

The first half of our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program is a deep exploration into the heart of this sacred practice.  Yoga is a path of self awareness to gain self understanding and ultimately transform our own suffering.  Ancient yogis used philosophy (sacred teachings) breath work, meditation and self inquiry to see more clearly.  Through this path they discovered the truth of who they were and an ultimate connection with the divine.  They found union, liberation and the profound sacredness of life. 

Most yoga today doesn't highlight the heart of the path, the roots of yoga and its core meditative and spiritual essence.  Most teacher trainings will teach you how to teach people to do yoga poses, none will take you as deeply into the heart of the path of yoga and help you transform your life from the inside out like our program will. 

Our program also provides a one of a kind opportunity for folks to learn deeper without learning how to teach. 
Think of Tract 1 like tools for life.  Anyone curious about yoga and how to bring it alive in their everyday life off the mat is encouraged to take Tract 1.

Below is an overview of our primary topics of study and exploration for Tract 1.


August - December - Tract 2 - Teaching From The Heart

The second half of our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program is for any participant from Tract 1 who wants to continue on to gain teaching certification.  This tract expands on the 1st, focusing on how to skillfully share yoga with reverence to diverse populations.  There are no prerequisites for our program, nor do we require you to have been practicing yoga for a certain length of time.  You do not need to be "good" at yoga poses to take the seat of the teacher.  Our training is open to all who desire to learn.  We will prepare you to embody the path and eloquently share it with others.

Below is an overview of our topics of exploration for Tract 2.

We are committed to uplifting and supporting those who have been historically ignored in the yoga/wellness industry.   We consciously reserve spaces for BIPOC, LQBTQ+, and others.

We deeply desire for our yoga teaching community to be more diverse and urge members of the community who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and other groups who have been marginalized by the yoga industry to consider partaking in this life changing journey with us.


  Representation matters and your voice is needed now more than ever before.  Please join us and help us make a shift in our studio and beyond to celebrate and bring a sense of belonging for those who have been ignored for too long.


 We have scholarship opportunities for BIPOC, LQBTQ+

Here what our past graduates had to say

As someone who's practiced yoga for over 15 years, it wasn't until I started taking classes at SHIFT YOGA that I truly loved yoga. Taking Jessie's classes was on an entirely different level.  She allows you to feel and be whomever you want, move in a way that feels good for you and brings you into a judgement free space. It wasn't until I was taking classes with Jessie that I knew I wanted to teach yoga and learn directly from her.

 Her YTT was super empowering, giving you knowledge to use personally for yourself and to use while you teach, really giving you an overall picture of the why's, how's and what's of yoga and the benefits for your mind, body and soul. She made it extremely easy to learn and teach back what she provided and allowed you to express and use your own version in a way that felt good for you. I loved the flexibility of making each class your own, but having the structure to follow easily.


I highly recommend Jessie's YTT to anyone looking to expand their yoga knowledge and learn from one of the BEST!

-Megan C.

  • I don't want to teach, can I take only Tract 1?
    Yup!! We designed it this way for that reason. Many people want to dig deeper in their practice and understand yoga more deeply, but have no desire to teach it. If this sounds like you, you will be able to enroll in just Tract 1 and learn all the deeper teahings and practices. We add the language of teaching in Tract 2. The best part is you also can decide to continue on to Tract 2 when the time comes. We have many students start our program with no desire to teach and then they get so inspired to share this practice after exploring it deeply in Tract 1, that they sign uo for Tract 2 in August. The cost to add Tact 2 is an additional $1,500 to get the teaching certification
  • What if I am not sure if I want to teach yet?
    This is just the problem we are trying to solve with our approach. Our 2 Tract approach allows you to be on the fence and take your time deciding. For students who ask this question, we advise signing up for just Tract 1 to start. As the training flows, you will get your answer, your soul will tell you if you should continue on and take Tract 2, which begins in Sepetember. You will have 4 months to work through this question at your own pace.
  • Do I need to be good at yoga?
    No at all. Our viewpoint is the teacher is there to hold space, inspire, pass on wisdom fom the path and connect everyone together. So no skill at poses themselves is needed to be a wonderful teacher.
  • Are there any prerequisites?
    Nope. We don't require students to have been practicing yoga for a certain amount of time in order to take a training. In fact, we find it harmful to request that. Requiring students to be "doing" yoga for a set amount of time before signing up, puts the emphasis on the physical side of yoga and we are trying to shift that perspective in the yoga industry. When skill is required, it perpetuates the narrative that only able bodied folks are welcomed. We are passionate about sharing the path with all who are eager to dig in, regardless of how long they have been practicing. The gates of these teaching welcome you, even if you can't touch your toes or stgand on your head. That does not a good teacher make.
  • Is there any homework?
    Throughout training you will be given sections of thev books we are reading together to complete during the time in between the weekend we meet. In addition to that, each month we might explore a topic and you are given refection questions to incorporate into your life. You will be asked (not required) to attend 1 class per week to enhance the expeerince and incorporate what you are learning about. There won't be anything you will "turn in" during the program In Tract 2, you will be asked to practice teach at home to strengthen your skilll of being able to guide a yoga class.
  • Are there any quizes or exams?
    No way. This is a life changin journey of self discovery, no need to pass any test.
  • Are there payment plans available?
    You bet! We don't want finances to be a factor in holding you back from changing your life, so we are here to help you in any way we can, remove any barriers that may be present for you. We will create any custom payment plan you need and we won't "penalize" you for doing a payment plan by charging you more for selecting that option.
  • What is included in the cost?
    Your 4/8 months of education and FREE YOGA! You will receivie a free memebership to the studio for the duration of your training Tract (4 or 8 months). All books required for the Tracts are not included.
  • What are the required texts
    For Tract 1 The Upanishads The Bhagavad Gita The Yamas & The Niyamas Radiant Rest For Tract 2 Skill in Action Embrace Yoga's Roots Yoga For Everyone Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga The Yoga Teacher Toolbox
  • Do you receive certification after completing both Tracts?
    Absolutely. Our school is registered with the Yoga Alliance and upon completing the Teaching Tract you will receive a certificate and be able to register as a yoga teacher.
  • Will you help me get a job after graduation?
    We are here for you every step of the way. In Tract 2, we go over the business of yoga and walk you through everything needed to engage in the workplace after graduation as a yoga teacher.
  • I have a conflict on one of the dates, can I still take the training?
    Absolutely. We will record anythign you miss and send you the videos to watch on your own.
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