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3rd Time is the Charm

When I bought this studio last July, the moment I said yes meant that everything inside the four walls of the studio at the time became mine. Every block, every roll of toilet paper, every bottle of toilet cleaner, every light bulb.

So when a lightbulb went out last week in one of the chandeliers I was like "sweet I have a few of those in the back". Excited to have saved myself a trip to the store I grabbed a ladder and a lightbulb and climbed up to replace it. As I hopped down I flipped on the light switch and the bulb was an entirely different color than all the other bulbs. Ok, great...note to self, go get all new lightbulbs!

The next day I happened to be with the family at Costco and there were 5 packs of lightbulbs for (I shit you not) $2.99. You better believe I happily scooped them up for the studio.

The next morning after I taught I replaced all 10 of the lightbulbs with the new dirt cheap bulbs I scored from Costco. I hopped off the ladder flipped on the switch, everything worked...good to go.

On Saturday when I came into the studio and saw Jayshree (a beloved teacher at SHIFT). She immediately comes up to me and goes "Jessie, these light bulbs suuuuuck." When I asked her what was wrong with them she said they are way too bright, I miss the soft warm golden glow of the old light bulbs.

Now I love the hell out of my teachers, they are dear friends and I value their opinion immensely so I made another note to self...go get new lightbulbs...AGAIN!

We don't always nail it on the first attempt do we? Think of our #yoga poses. We often need a couple of attempts to figure it out. Luckily for us, the mat welcomes us back again and again with compassion as if to say "it's ok you didn't get it right...climb back up on the ladder and try again."

So off I went, to target this time, for a second batch of lightbulbs. A lightbulb is a lightbulb hard could this be. I stood bewildered in the isle staring at all the different brands and options. "Oh Shit, what kind do I get?" I made a point to pause (as my #meditation practice has taught me) and just observe. I notice that even though there are a ton of choices, there seem to be only 2 color types...daylight white and soft white. The obvious choice was to go for the soft white and hope for the best. So I grab 10 more 60 watt bulbs, this time in soft white, hoping it will bring back the soft warm glow that Jayshree missed.

So back up the ladder I go for a second time, I put in the 10 new bulbs , hop off the ladder to flip the switch and even though it is the daytime, I can tell the tone is softer! Yes! I excitedly text a pic to Jayshree.

On tuesday night I teach a late night #hotyoga class at the studio and now that it is Spring it is the only time the studio gets dark enough to really enjoy the glow of the soft white bulbs.

So I go to start class and as I always do I dim the lights way down and OMG.....they won't dim as much as the old bulbs used to. FUCK are you kidding me! The first batch Jayshree hated, now this second batch I hate...LOL

Well you know what they say...3rd time is the charm!

Standing back in the lightbulb isle at target I try to see what am I missing and then it hits me...the stupid watts.

First batch 60 watt daylight white

Second batch 60 watt soft white

There is only one last choice to make in lightbulb land

40 watt!!!

So I grab the 40 watt soft white bulbs...head back to the studio, climb up the ladder. Now 30 lightbulbs deep I change them for the 3rd time in one week and...

Yup! As the saying goes...The 3rd time is the charm! They glow, soft and low just how everyone likes them.

We can have a good giggle at my expense and remember that sometimes it takes multiple trips up that ladder, but everytime we climb,wether or not we nail it on the first, second, third, even 7th time, we gain wisdom. Each trip up the ladder we become more insightful and that wisdom comes with us into the next situation on or off our mat.

So don't beat yourself up if you have to try again, or waste 20 lightbulbs. You are not failing, you are gaining wisdom. You will inevitably become real clear in the end and that is all that matters!


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