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But I had a plan...

My family and I love to play games. Board games, card games, family battles on the latest video game console. Our favorite is the classic card game of Rummy. Addison is quite good at all the games we play, but if you are familiar with playing games with an 8 year old then you know you sometimes bend the rules. When she lands on my Boardwalks loaded with a hotel and can't possibly afford to pay me the astronomical rent, I will let her slide. If she spells a word wrong in scrabble, we turn a blind eye, when she needs to roll the dice again cause she only rolled a 3, we let her have a do over.

The other night we were playing Rummy and Addison layed down the 10 of hearts as her discard. I then began my turn only to hear Addison begin a heightened plea..."OMG Mom, can I take that back?" I am not sure why in this moment I chose to enforce the rules when I typically bend them frequently, but I said "no baby, I'm sorry you can't." She pleaded "But Moooooom...I had a plan."

I calmly remarked "well baby, sometimes you have to formulate a new plan."

Suddenly this simple game night moment became a life lesson. Surprisingly, she didn't push back, or put up a fight. In fact, my inspiring words actually sank in for once.

We all know to well that we live out most of our own personal moments according to some pre calculated plan. And god forbid something doesn't go right...we may lay don't the 10 of hearts to soon only to spiral out of control, unable to deal with the winds of change.

When I told Addison she would have to formulate a new plan, she stepped back and looked at the cards in her hand and you could tell she was looking at them as if she was seeing them for the first time ever. Suddenly the 6 had new purpose, the 8 and 9 filled with new potential. When she let go of her plan and stepped back to look at the hand she had been dealt, it was now filled with possibility.

We must let go, the pre planned plans we have laid out for our day, our week, our life. We must use our #yoga practice and our #meditation practice to help us always see the possibility before us in the hand we have been dealt. So lay down the 10 of hearts and be in the richness of the moment for it is filled with magic and possibility. We will be able to see that we can always formulate a new plan.


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