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Just Say YES!

We have all been there...a rough day, an achy body, a busy mind that just won't slow down and give you 5 minutes of peace. We visit these feelings often and our tactic for dealing is often the same, we ignore, avoid, complain. We are unable to accept things most times and that is ok! It's a part of our human conditioning, a common automatic response that comes from the beauty of our primitive brain still alive and calling the shots today.

Our #mindfulness practice, as always, is here to provide us with wonderful tools to help us greet ourselves and others just as we are, to help us embrace and meet each moment just as it is. With practice we can improve anything, even our resistance to challenge and difficulty, pain and discomfort and it's been living under our nose the whole time.

The next time we find ourselves having a moment, we might try simply just saying YES.

Yes to the moment, just as it is. Be it a rough day, a tight muscle, a scattered mind, saying YES and allowing this moment to be exactly as it is. YES declares to the moment that it is perfect just as it is, difficulty and all. In that declaration of YES, we clear a space in our awareness that become receptive to insight and clarity that will guide us through the moments to come.

Remember the goal of our life is not to do a bunch of #yoga and #meditate every day so that the difficulty and the bad things stop, but to show up to our mat, our cushion our life and cultivate a heart that is open to everything, embracing of it all, seeing the beauty, the lessons and the wisdom in each new moment. Our practice is about opening up our heart and saying YES to right now, for it is enough!


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