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Know Your Limits

On December 1st, Zach, Addison and I moved into a new home! Over our many years together Zach and I have moved a few times. We can always handle it ourselves, normally getting help from my Dad or a friend. The moves always go as smooth as moving can go. It is of course a lot of work, but always managable.

We woke up Saturday, moving day and unfortunately poor Zach got a stomach bug! Ugh. Along the way, my #mindfulness journey has taught me to welcome in each new part of every experience without judgement, in a way saying "and this too"

So, "ok universe" I thought, big moving day and a stomach bug. Here we go. Zach did his best, but was weak, tired and sick, slowing down our progress a little, but we rolled with it. We were cruising along in the beginning of the day, making great time, only to find the truck was full and there was still tons of stuff to load. So we accepted we would need to take two trips with the truck.

Our strategy when we got to the new house was to just unload everything into the garage real quick o we could get back to the old place and load the truck up again. Somewhere during this back and forth we lost a ton of time, it got dark, Zach was fading and not much help at this point, but what can you do.

Somehow it ended up taking the entire day just to get everything into the garage of the new house. It was dark, late and everyone was tired and done with the move and as much as I would have loved to call it a day, nothing was in our new house. We decided to just get the mattresses loaded on this first night and worry about the rest on Sunday.

One major obstacle we didn't think about until this exact moment was that the new house is a 3 story townhouse with not one, nut 2 big winding staircases that run up the center of the house. You enter the home on the main level and everything has to go up at least one flight of winding stairs.

Zach an I have a massive California King bed, exhausted we attempted to move this massive mattress up stairways not designed to accommodate its mass. We pushed and bent, struggled and stuffed the mattress up, not one, but 2 staircases, it took 2 hours and proved to be too much for everyone. My Dad left, I crashed and Zach threw up all night.

Hoping Sunday would bring recharged energy for Zach and I to move everything into the house up these 2 staircases ourselves. Poor Zach woke up worse than Saturday, but we tried, to move our furniture up these 2 staircases, but it wasn't going well. I asked Zach to try to just help me get the couch inside the house. It took hours. Zach had to pause to puke every few minutes, he was weak and no help what so ever. I couldn't feel my calf muscles anymore. We were a pathetic duo. This was by far the most grueling move we have ever done. These staircases proved to be the end of us. IT SUCKED.

We decided after the couch to break down and call movers. We accepted defeat, we simply could not do it all. There was no way we were going to get ourselves moved in. We had reached our limits.

Sometimes our life puts obstacles in our way to challenge us so that we might become stronger. Our #yoga practice does just this...provides us with a series of obstacles to help strengthen our body, mind and spirit. Sometimes things are put before you simply to teach you about your limits. These moments can be challenging to detect at times. Be it the pressure to get the move down, or master the yoga pose in a room filled with people. Sometimes postures and experiences are here for the sole purpose to acknowledge when we have reached a limit, when we are at an edge, when we have had enough.

These times are powerful times of transformation. Sometimes you can't do it...the move, the pose and acknowledging our limit is way more empowering then finishing the move or accomplishing the yoga pose.

Allow yourself to remember that sometimes things are here to strengthen you and something things are here to help you know your limits.

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