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You Are Still Growing

12 weeks ago we all got the rugged pulled out from under us. Seemingly overnight, everything got shut down and we entered into a period of life that can only be referred to as the great "global pause." We no longer have access to the things, establishments and people we know and love.

We are stuck, at home, unable to move forward.

Everything has come to a hault, our life, our future plans, our progress, our forward momentum. You are not alone if you feel like the wind has been taken out of your sails. I feel that way too. As a business owner all growth has come to a screeching hault. My energy, focus and resources have drastically shifted from cultivating growth into a holding pattern.

I still make a point to tend to the #yogastudio, visiting every few weeks to check on things and keep stoking the good vibes for when we return. When we got shut down I took home several plants that were in bloom and left a few behind that were dormant. 3 orchids were in a state of dormancy, no stalks of new growth, no buds of promise, just barren soil. As I was leaving the studio I watered the dormant plants including the orchids and was shocked to see a new stalk of promise has spouted up from the barren soil of one of the orchids.

Locked away, left behind, isolated, distanced for months...OMG could it be, it was still able to grow! The poetic significance of this ran through my body like an electrical current. "We are still growing," my heart exclaimed.

Here before me was a stalk of hope, reminding me that our spiritual growth is still going strong. We might be in isolation, it might feel barren and dormant in business and in life, but in that barren soil of our soul, growth is taking shape, light is filtering in.

So remember that even though everything is on hold, you can still cultivate, you can still manifest, you can still put in the work on body, mind spirit. There is still promise for your projects, relationships, personal goals. The light, the inspiration, the hope still creeps in even in a global lockdown.

It might seem dormant, but look within...we are still growing.


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