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You can always begin again

We put so much pressure on ourselves to get everything just right, the first time, that it causes us trouble in being consistent. Take for example a #meditation practice. Something we want to do, so we 1 we sit for 5 minutes (yay us!) We feel so proud and accomplished. Day 2 we sit for 5 minutes, feeling like yes I got this. Then day 3...LIFE, we don't get a chance to meditate, so day 4, we don't either and before you know it we have given up and never try again.

On our yoga mat we learn that the yoga mat is forgiving, always there to welcome us back no matter how long it has been since the last time we stepped on it to move our bodies. Our breath, always waiting to welcome our attention back after it wanders away (which it will always do). See we forget, the simplicity the practice of #yoga is quietly reminding us each day...we can always begin again. It doesn't matter that we missed day 3, 4 and 5 of our meditation. Meditation isn't keeping score, secretly judging you "ohhhhh...look who decided to show up today and finally #meditate again."

One of the most valuable things my Meditation teacher Tara Brach ever taught me was implemented with the uttering of one simple word..."Tenderness" During a long training that spanned several months we were asked to meditate every day for 20 minutes. Then during one of our Q&A sessions another student, frustrated with her own progress, asked "what do I do if I can't find the rhythm of a consistent daily sitting practice?" To which Tara sweetly encouraged, "Be tender with yourself, you can always begin again."

Those words still resonate all these years later, as I still am dedicated to my daily meditation practice, but still have days where life tosses me around and I don't make it to my meditation cushion. I remind myself "it's ok, I always get to begin again."

So drop the judgement, be it about your meditation, your diet, your relationships, your parenting skills. Just pause, breathe, be tender with your heart and remind it you can always begin again.


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